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The Recap:

“A New Jersey hospital worker has been arrested after 39 guns were found in his office closet.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“A survey shows teachers in Texas are thinking about quitting their jobs.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“For the first time since early March, AAA data shows the national average price of gasoline has fallen below $4.” (Courtesy of ABC News) Can we see a reduction in prices at the supermarket?

“It appears that the chances of Brittney Griner coming home have just improved with Russia confirming that a prisoner exchange is being discussed.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert) If this trade happens the U.S. Justice system NEEDS to see to it that everyone incarcerated for similar offenses be released.

Neighbors from hell, literally! “After years of hostility, a Missouri man has been charged with fatally shooting his neighbor over lawn mowing.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“Twitter Users Drag Britney Spears After She Only Names Black Artists While Referencing the Marijuana Use at K-Fed’s Home: ‘That House Has More Weed Than Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Puff Daddy Combined!’ #BlackTwitter, who once rallied behind Britney Spears, is now dragging the singer for insinuating that only Black men smoke weed in a social media rant.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

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