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The Recap:

In News out of Jamaica, “Farm workers in Canada complain of subhuman conditions, appeal to Samuda for help.” This has been an ongoing issue for decades, what will the government of Jamaica do to ensure these incidents are addressed and the assurance of effective change made? (Story Courtesy of The Jamaica Observer)

“Who owns your credit score? Not you!” Not surprised. (Story Courtesy of CNN Business)

“A Georgia man who was wanted for murder got his cover blown after he complained about cold fries to police following a dispute.” Why would you call the cops knowing there’s a warrant out for your arrest …MURDER… (Story Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“An Atlanta father and his young daughter were removed from a Frontier Airlines flight this week after the airline accused them of breaking federal law.” FAA laws will always supersede, but an arrest in light of this happening is extreme. (Story Courtesy of Baller Alert)

Let’s keep calm, everything is not about race! “While appearing on Wednesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Kathy Hilton confused Lizzo for “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe. Hilton made the mistake during the game, “Will Kathy Know Them?” where Cohen asked Hilton to identify celebrities in photos. Upon seeing Lizzo’s photo, Hilton squinted her eyes and said, “I feel like I know her.” She then blurted out, “Precious?”

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