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The Recap:

Would you date your friend’s ex? What if your ex is your friend’s soulmate? Where do you draw the line? Also, can men be friends with women without ever wanting to get physical with them?

“Lil Fizz is getting chatty about his relationship with former B2K bandmate Omarion. According to Fizz, Omarion stopped communicating with him once he started dating the mother of Omarion’s children in 2019.” (Story courtesy of Baller Alert)

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of prolonging the war in Ukraine as part of what he described as Washington’s alleged efforts to maintain its global hegemony. ‘The situation in Ukraine shows that the United States is trying to drag the conflict out …,’ the Russian president said on Tuesday addressing the opening ceremony of a security conference in Moscow.” (Story courtesy of Al Jazeera News)

“A pet dog caught monkeypox from its owners after sleeping on their bed and licking them.” (Story courtesy of Baller Alert)

“A 14-year-old girl claims that a Texas Child Protective Services employee encouraged her to become a prostitute, leading to the employee’s termination.” (Story courtesy of Fox News)

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