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That’s it I’m moving to Ukraine ’cause that’s where the money resides. “Russia-Ukraine live news: US to give over $2bn more in aid” (Story courtesy of Al Jazeera News)

Am I surprised, nah, “Michigan GOP leaders encourage rule breaking at poll worker training session.” (Story courtesy of CNN)

“Credit Karma to Pay its Users $3M For False Pre-Approved Credit Cards and Damaging Their Credit Scores!” (Story courtesy of Baller Alert)

“Antiguan gov’t condemns discrimination against Rastafarians at schools.” Why is this still happening in 2022? (Story courtesy of Caribbean Loop News)

Not in the least bit surprised. Just want to see the names, that’s all. “Leaked List Shows Hundreds of U.S. Law Enforcement Officials, Politicians and Military Workers Are Members of The Oath Keepers!” (Story courtesy of Baller Alert)

The oldest profession cannot get a break…lol! “Sex Workers Slam Wells Fargo for Closing Bank Accounts in Good Standing, ‘In This Line of Work, The Feeling of Being Discriminated Never Really Goes Away’” (Story courtesy of Baller Alert)

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