Coffee In Toe – Ep. 82

micMoments With Mi MediatodaySeptember 9, 2022 18

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The Recap:

On this episode of Coffee In Toe we explored Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological disorder which has permeated and dominated the citizens of countries that were colonized either by the British, the Spaniards, the French or the Portuguese

“Black Woman Suing Fifth Third Bank in Michigan After Employees Claimed Her Casino Jackpot Check Was Fake.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“UPS hiring for the holiday rush holds steady above 100,000.” (Courtesy of WSVN)

“Period of mourning in Jamaica to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II.” (Courtesy of Caribbean Loop News)

“Blame It on the Casamigos: Mom Births Twins with Different Dads After Rendezvous with Two Men in One Night.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

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