Coffee In Toe – Episode 61

micMoments With Mi MediatodayJuly 26, 2022 25

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“The Texas State Legislature has threatened Sidley Austin, one of the nation’s most prominent law firms, with criminal prosecution and disbarment if it helps facilitate abortions.According to the letter submitted to the firm’s management committee chair, Texas Freedom Caucus learned that Sidley Austin is ‘reimbursing travel costs of employees who leave Texas to murder their unborn children.’ The firm is also accused of participating in illegal abortions.” (Baller Alert)

“A Brooklyn bishop was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday while giving a sermon, and it was all caught on video.

Around five to 10 minutes into the livestream video, Bishop Lamor Whitehead was interrupted when three to four men walked in with guns. The bishop believes he was targeted. The Bishop claims jewelry valued at $1M was stolen from him and his wife.” (Courtesy of Baller Alert) Well as they say in Jamaica, “T’ief t’ief from t’ief, God laugh!” LOL

“Bounty Killer responds to Ishawna’s ‘Equal Rights’ taunt at Reggae Sumfest 2022, and the producers of the event issue an apology to the ‘War Lord’ artiste.” (Courtesy of Jamaica Loop News) …No comment!

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