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Coffee In Toe – Ep.110

micMoments With Mi MediatodayOctober 27, 2022 36

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The Recap:

“Barbados: Firearms and ammunition found in barrel at Port” (Courtesy of

“Jamaican sworn in as Cayman’s first female chief justice” (Courtesy of

“Trinidadians charged with exporting firearms from the US to Trinidad ” (Courtesy of

“Jamaica: Tufton admits babies died at Victoria Jubilee from resistant bacteria” (Courtesy of

“MP suggests PNP settled J’cans on gully banks, in riverbeds, landfills” (Courtesy of

“Xi Jinping says China and US must ‘find ways to get along’” (Courtesy of

“Second woman says Ga. Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for abortion” (Courtesy of

Coffee In Toe

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