Coffee In Toe

Coffee In Toe – Ep.111

micMoments With Mi MediatodayOctober 28, 2022 26

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The Recap:

“Which Jamaican Are You?” (Courtesy of

“Jamaica: Prime Minister – The Gov’t Has No Intentions to Sell Bob Marley Beach” (Courtesy of

“8 are found dead in a Tulsa suburb house fire and homicide is feared” (Courtesy of

“US midterms: How will issues like abortion and gun control play out in Texas?” (Courtesy of

“Foster family fights for baby boy after judge decides to deport child to Haiti” (Courtesy of

“Texas chief says state police ‘did not fail’ in Uvalde” (Courtesy of

“The Pope Warns Against the Consumption of Porn; Says It’s ‘A Vice That So Many People Have, Even Priests and Nuns’” (Courtesy of

Coffee In Toe

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