Coffee In Toe

Coffee In Toe – Ep.113

micMoments With Mi MediatodayNovember 1, 2022 40

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The Recap:

“Bermuda, Cayman Islands & Montserrat added to Russia’s unfriendly list” (Courtesy of

“In Jamaica, Guns Surrendered Under New Amnesty to Undergo Forensic Testing” (Courtesy of

“Young pig farmer dreams of state-of-the-art facility” (Courtesy of

“Men Exonerated in Murder of Malcolm X to Receive $36 Million Settlement” (Courtesy of

“5 tips for coping with chronic migraines” (Courtesy of

“Man Says His Super-Sized Penis Cost Him a New Job” (Courtesy of

“Rapper Takeoff Reportedly Shot and Killed During a Dice Game in Houston” (Courtesy of

Coffee In Toe

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