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micMoments With Mi MediatodaySeptember 24, 2022 20

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The Recap:

Is Russia losing the war in Ukraine? “Russia-Ukraine live news: Putin mobilises citizens in reserves” (Courtesy of

“Migrants sue Florida governor over Martha’s Vineyard flights” (Courtesy of

“DOJ Charges 47 Scammers for Allegedly Stealing $250M from Pandemic Food Program Meant for Needy Children” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“New California Law Prohibits Employers from Firing or Not Hiring Workers for Using Marijuana Off the Clock” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

“Child Molestation Lawsuit Filed Against Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears Dismissed by Accusers” (Courtesy of Baller Alert)

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Coffee In Toe

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