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In a profoundly cinematic performance, Director Quan Nelson unfolds powerful visuals to the thoughts articulated by Iba MaHr in a rather creative storyline. In an interestingly relevant production by OneTime Music/ Island WAV, the track reiterates the need to be MINDFUL of those who would seek to call themselves friends but have an ulterior motive to profit only themselves with little regard for the wellbeing of others.

The video is a compilation of everyday scenarios which would reveal the true nature of those around us in a way that causes us to think about our own circumstances. We see Iba MaHr in the character of a carpenter experiencing deception by close ‘friend’ and co-worker. The film continues to unveil similar scenarios of lies and dishonesty among brethrens and sistrens.

A timely reminder to be vigilant and practice love of self and others!


Directed by: Quan Nelson
Music by: OneTime Music/ Island WAV

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