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Coffee In Toe (Ep.189) 04.07.2023

The Recap: Latin America and Caribbean Leaders Mull Plan to Tame Inflation; Beryllium Security Employee Arrested In Connection To Multi- Million Dollar Heist; Kintyre family devastated by teen's suicide; CNN's Fareed Zakaria discusses the potential impact on the US dollar after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he favors using the Chinese yuan for financial settlements with other countries; FBI and Army members raided the wrong hotel room during a […]

todayApril 7, 2023 8

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Coffee In Toe (Ep.188) 04.06.2023

The Recap: Armed robbery attempt thwarted as Beryllium team evades gunmen; Beryllium employee nabbed for last month's Portmore robbery; Jamaicans Warned Against Taking Dangerous And Illegal Routes Into the USA; Cayman loving Valiant; Maryland AG report into Archdiocese of Baltimore alleges 156 Catholic clergy members and others abused more than 600 children; Tech executive Bob Lee dead after apparent stabbing attack in San Francisco; LSU’s Angel Reese says her team […]

todayApril 6, 2023 7

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Coffee In Toe (Ep.187) 04.05.2023

The Recap: Guyana importing stones from Jamaica to meet local demand; Jamaica looking for closer relationship with Africa; Stop "Chop Di Line!"; UK fines TikTok $15.9m over misuse of children’s data; Laid off on leave: Yes, it's legal and it's hitting some workers hard

todayApril 5, 2023 12

Coffee In Toe (Ep.186) 04.04.2023

The Recap: Vincentian among Caribbean poets to showcase work in Paris; JPS advises of some major service disruptions to come; 4 Burger King Employees in Custody Amid $10m Fraud Probe; Children 12 years and younger can access free healthcare at UHWI; Immigration to go paperless amid US$140m Sangster upgrade; Villa manager denies Ziggy Marley’s claim of discrimination, highlights rental to other Jamaicans, including Rita Marley, as proof; Kenya to launch […]

todayApril 4, 2023 8

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Coffee In Toe Ep.185

The Recap: Belize imposes stricter travel rules for Jamaicans & Haitians; Guyana to train 1,000 registered nurses annually; Haitian who built a helicopter gets his student visa; St. Thomas Declared Top Onion Producer In The Caribbean; Kentucky Becomes The 38th State To Legalize Marijuana After Governor Andy Beshear Sign A Bill Into Law; Trump to deliver remarks Tuesday night after his arraignment

todayApril 3, 2023 10

Coffee In Toe Ep.184

The Recap: OUR Raps JPS & NWC for Shoddy Performance; Gang Violence, Illegal Rafting Force Closure of a Section White River; Jamaica moves closer to cashless society with MyCash digital wallet; "Driver" is Romain Virgo's latest single; Idaho lawmakers pass a bill to prevent minors from leaving the state for abortion; Donald Trump indicted; expected to surrender next week

todayMarch 31, 2023 6

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Coffee In Toe Ep.183

The Recap: US Increases visa processing fees; Professor Shepherd says UK Newspaper Apology for Slavery “Significant”; Zimbabweans outraged by Al Jazeera exposé on gold smuggling elite; Tech leaders urge a pause in the "out-of-control" artificial intelligence race; Serial Sperm Donor Sued For Increasing Incest Risk After Fathering 550 Children; Judge Joe Brown Clears His Name In Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Sexual; Assault Claims Even Though She Didn’t Accuse Him: “This Is […]

todayMarch 30, 2023 6

Coffee In Toe Ep.182

The Recap: Barbados Stock Exchange becomes member of the UN Global Compact; Turks & Caicos Will No Longer Require Visitors To Have COVID-19 Vaccine; DPP Seeking Death Penalty in Nikita Noel Rape & Murder Case; No Apology: Clarke says ‘Massa Mark’ Reference Not Meant to be Racist; Brown-Burke Apologises for ‘Unparliamentary’ Behaviour; 50 goats arrive at Kingston airport; Covenant School shooter was under care for emotional disorder and hid guns […]

todayMarch 29, 2023 6

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Coffee In Toe Ep.181

The Recap: Antigua Govt says developers cannot prevent public access to beaches; Dominica named on CNN’s list of 25 Most Beautiful Places; NCB to shut down several ABMs amid heightened security risk; House Speaker did nothing wrong: Pearnel Charles Senior backs ex colleague; 39 migrants dead, 29 injured after fire at an immigration facility in Mexico; Nashville shooter who killed 6 drew maps, surveilled school; As GOP governors obscure Black […]

todayMarch 28, 2023 5

Coffee In Toe Ep.180

The Recap: Caribbean nationals apprehended in immigration sweep; Regional rally for better working conditions for junior doctors; Police Identify Woman Killed at Wedding in Negril; US Vice President Kamala Harris in Africa to boost ties; Idaho is the latest state to permit execution by firing squad; To help new students adapt, some colleges are eliminating grades

todayMarch 27, 2023 5

Coffee In Toe Ep.176

On this episode of Coffee In Toe World News on the Go, host Mi discusses China ready to help Caribbean with transition to solar energy; The first to do it: 5 women from St Kitts & Nevis you should know; Revealed: New Pay Scales Starting at $210K Proposed to Teachers; Louisville Metro Police Department uses ‘excessive force’ and ‘unlawfully discriminates against Black people,’ DOJ report says; Nikki Haley calls for […]

todayMarch 9, 2023 10

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Coffee In Toe Ep.175

On this episode of Coffee In Toe World News on the Go, host Mi discusses British forensic firm Kroll Associates UK joins SSL probe; National minimum wage to increase in April; Budget Debate: No new taxes! Reciprocal Trade Or Nothing At All: Opposition Challenging Gov’t On Canadian Cannabis Deal; Mexican Authorities Arrest One Suspect Involved Kidnapping in of Four Americans; Two Surviving Victims are Back in the US; California Governor […]

todayMarch 8, 2023 13