50 Cent Says He Was 'Hurt' When Young Buck Said 'F*** G-Unit'

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There was a lot of 50 Cent drama last week. You had his legal woes with his ex over the amount of 50’s fortunate she feels she’s entitled to, and the war of words with former G-Unit member Young Buck.

After addressing the leaked phone conversation on Hot 97, 50 took it upon himself to record a video, via, to explain the situation even further.

In the video, upped to the internet over the weekend, the G-Unit founder reveals that he was actually hurt when he found out Buck was saying “F*** G-Unit” at his shows.

“I didn’t know how to respond to Young Buck when he was saying ‘F*** G-Unit” or f*** me personally because I’ve done so much for him,” 50 said. “I didn’t really know what to say. I was angry, but it hurt me. That’s where [the anger] came from. I can’t believe it.”

In 50’s eyes, he felt he treated Young Buck like a brother, noting that what he’s done for Buck throughout his time with G-Unit was above and beyond what any other label in the industry would do.

“I treated Buck like he was my younger brother,” he explained. “Any other record company or anyone else you affiliate yourself with in the music business, none of them is gonna pay your taxes for you. None of them is gonna assist you with things away from the responsibilities in the deal are.”

After turning a solo record deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre into a multi-million dollar corporation, 50 says — with business in mind — that he may have went in the wrong direction as far as the way he treated his artists and ran his label. Looking back, he feels hs though he should have modeled his business after label before him and/or take a page out of Jay-Z or Diddy’s book.

“It makes me feel like I should be using what’s the traditional business model for the music business,” 50 contemplates. “What Jay and Puff doing — what they doing ain’t wrong. I’m getting my ass kicked for being kind. That’s the right business model. I just bring them so close. You heard [Buck] say ‘I wanna make it feel like that family feel again’ because that’s when they was being taken care of. If something happened it was like, I’m in the middle of it to help fix it for them. But look how that paid off.”

Despite putting some of the blame on the family oriented way he was running his business, he also credits greed as the driving factor behind the problems with Buck.

“It’s crazy. This is what money does. It does crazy things,” 50 explains. “People start changing in every way because their expectations are so much. I helped Buck earn over $8 million dollars, and then he just decided that I should kiss his ass because he spent the $8 million dollars. That’s amazing.”

To quote the late Notorious B.I.G., “More money, more problems.” 50 Cent knows this quote very well. Friends become enemies and money is the reason.

“We in a recession, you got people being evicted from they homes. They talking bout ‘Why 50 talking about this bulls**?’ But no matter what financial space you in, there’s new problems to deal with,” explained the hip-hop mogul.

In addition to Buck, 50 addressed his problems with his ex who recently was granted a restraining order against the rapper. He also cites greed as her motivation for the legal battle, and claims she’s using his son against him.

“I don’t really say how I feel about it because my son might see the tape,” explained 50 of why he hasn’t been vocal about the situation. “It’s hard when it gets to the point where I woman’s trying to keep your son away from you. She’ll say in public that I don’t reach out and I ain’t trying to find him … that’s the only thing she’s got left is him. She’s trying to use him to hurt me the best way she can.”

However, despite how it’s being played out in the media, he’s confident that a resolution will be made. “It’ll work itself out, it’s just a pain in the ass,” he admitted.

In the meantime, 50 Cent is in Canada for a promo run for the upcoming G-Unit album, T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight). The album is slated to hit stores July 1.

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