Alliance to Galliance

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Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has joined forces with fellow female deejays to form the ‘Money-O Galliance’.

However, Macka Diamond says the ‘Money-O Galliance’ should not be confused with the Galliance (an offshoot of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance), which includes Alebra, K-Queens, Ruffi-Ann, Lexi-Lee, and Tasha Rozez.

She also said it is not an attempt on her part to ‘gimmick’ the group.

Original Galliance

“If dem (Galliance) have a problem wid it dem can join in too since dem a di original Galliance,” she told THE STAR. “Mi kno seh Killer would maybe tell dem fi join it to. No hard feelings. Mi just kno seh wi love the name. It nuh have nutten wid Alliance or seh wi a segregate from anybody,” Macka said.

Bounty Killer, who issued a statement via his publicist Julian Jones-Griffith, said the Galliance was far from being defunct. “I guess we have done something good forming the Alliance and Macka wants to replicate it with her own Galliance.”

He continued: “We have our own Galliance, Macka has hers but we don’t have a problem with it, we endorse that. It’s all positive. Macka Diamond is a great and long-standing friend of the Alliance so it’s all positive.”

Nonetheless, Macka Diamond says she is willing to change the name of the group if the original Galliance has a major problem with the name.

Other artistes who make up the Money-O Galliance are Lady G, Queen Paula, along with newcomers Black Queen and Champagne. But the group is not limited to artistes as it also includes dancers Dahlia and Latesha.

Macka Diamond is also inviting other female artistes to join the movement, which she says started more than six months ago.

Macka believes this unity is important in the dancehall because the aim is to help the women get more airplay and recognition in the industry.

Just a hunt a food

“Wi just a hunt a food,” she told THE STAR. “We as woman hungry and dem nah give wi di run weh dem give the man dem.”

She said members of the Money-O Galliance have been bombarding various selectors at dances to play their songs.

“It’s like a campaign and wi pulling together the forces. Unity a di strength fi di woman dem,” she said. “Wi jus’ waan wi freedom, title and respect from the man dem.”

Macka Diamond says the women get reasonable airplay but their presence in the street dances and parties is almost non-existent. She is also making a plea to female disc jocks to support the women in dancehall.

Macka Diamond launches all-female ‘Money-O Galliance’

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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