Beenie Man feels Vybz Kartel dissed him

todayDecember 15, 2010

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Controversial deejay Beenie Man raised eyebrows when he aired his grievances against fellow deejay Vybz Kartel on Nationwide 90 FM’s ‘Ragashanti Live!’ yesterday.

On the programme, the deejay discussed in length his correction of Kartel’s Dancehall Hero with his song Father God HelpThem, both on the ‘Dancehall EFX’ rhythm.

According to Beenie, while Kartel did not call his name in his song, he feels that lyrics in the song is directed at him. The deejay also commented on the ways in which he feels disrespected by various actions of Kartel.

According to Beenie, while he has supported Kartel since 2002 as his deejay, Kartel has not been supportive of him. He told the host of the programme, Ragashanti, ‘The King of Mix-up’, that; “I have never heard Kartel endorse nutten bout Beenie Man, any Kartel fans can tell yuh dis.”

He added, “all di support mi support Vybz Kartel, he has never supported me. Di stage show mi have up a stadium mi pay Kartel $900,000. Dat him charge me and him nah come fi less than dat. And di night we short him $20,000 and him wouldn’t leave the venue till him get the $20,000. Seriously no joke ting and a me sey Gaza Mi Sey, and dat is di biggest song all ova di world and me support Kartel all ova di world.”

Beenie outlined other ways in which he feels disrespected by Kartel explaining an incident that took place between Kartel and disc-jock ZJ Liquid in which a BlackBerry broadcast message was sent out throwing words at the disc-jock and Beenie over their use of the words ‘oh’ and ‘awoh’ – phrases that were made popular by Kartel.

He added that he had contacted Kartel to voice with him on the song Gaza Mi Sey and was told by Kartel to voice with young deejay Popcaan instead. The deejay also said that Kartel’s reference to himself in a radio advertisement as the ‘new King of the Dancehall’, a title he claims is reserved for him, is an obvious attempt to disrespect him.

Beenie said, “I just feel sey him (Kartel) nuh have no honour to nobody. Him honour himself and dats it. Him nuh respect nobody as far as I see it.”

He also admitted to being very offended by the content of Dancehall Hero, “me respect him as a deejay, I don’t know him as a person. I know him as a artiste. Dis song I found to be disrespectful to the whole entire dancehall world.”

Another issue which Beenie has with Kartel is his recent comment in THE STAR that Sting would be a flop this year attracting no more than 50 people without the presence of the Gully and the Gaza heads performing on the show.

“Dats disrespect to di whole entire dancehall industry. You are not God, you are not the man that make music. Music was here before you and when you gone a go still deh yah. The worse Sting was last year and Kartel close it and Mavado did de pon it too. Good, blessing. I wasn’t on it,” Beenie said.

When contacted Kartel was aware of the interview. He said: “As I said in the song, “call up me name jus fi get a forward and dem think ’bout Addi more than them woman“, should sum up my sentiments. And in closing I would like to quote another line from Dancehall Hero- “Me nuh member nuh DJ bwoy“.

Beenie emphasised, however, that his song, Father God Help Them, is not a counteraction nor is there a feud between himself and Kartel and encouraged fans not to take it personally. He said, “there’s no feud or no drama, it cyaan happen. I do not deal wid badness and I do not push badness to people.”

Listen Beenie Man Interview with Ragashanti Live below:

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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