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todaySeptember 9, 2010

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Kingston, Jamaica: Anticipation is in the air for the cast and crew of local feature film Better Mus’ Come which premieres in Jamaica in Wednesday, October 13. Telling the story of the Green Bay Massacre of 1978, Better Mus’ Come has been three years in the making and according to the film’s top guns producer Paul Bucknor (Full Monty) and writer/director Storm Saulter, hard work, sweat and tears from the team of persons involved.

Better Mus' Come

Shot in eight weeks, Better Mus’ Come puts a spin on an urban love story which unfolds against a backdrop of the 1970’s political rivalry. The movie follows Ricky, a young man from an inner city community fighting against all the odds to escape the prevailing hardships of life in the ghettos of central downtown Kingston. A suspected political agitator, Ricky navigates his way through the constant social upheaval that seem to be ubiquitous in his community.

A Firefly Films production, this is not the first project on which Bucknor and Saulter have worked together but without a doubt it is one of their most ambitious projects. The moment Saulter explained the historical significance of the Green Bay Massacre, Bucknor was hooked and soon the two were busy shooting scenes and locating the most talented actors to play the lead roles. The search to fill the powerful roles was a successful one, having found Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey, Ricardo Orgill, Everaldo Creary and Roger Guenveur Smith. Once the cast and crew were assembled it was magic for the future of Better Mus’ Come.

Bucknor said, “I found rooms for the actors to live in Sandy Park and rented it for two months before we started filming. The actors lived there until we finished shooting during that time they adapted the mannerisms and really took on the scripted characters. Up to this day you can still see the mannerisms of the characters from Better Mus’ Come reflected in the way the cast members dress and their swagger. I think the movie impacted all who were involved greatly.”

For the crew their hopes are high for the film as Bucknor explained, “We’re hoping the film is seen as authentic and that they come to see it again and again because the film is so multi-layered. It took three years to make and everyone put in 110% from the wardrobe, art department, music and entire production crew.”

Also giving praises to his team, Saulter too is anticipating the premiere. He believes that the film while set more than 30 years ago, is applicable to today’s society; it is as real then as it is now. He said, “It’s not just about the Green Bay Massacre, it’s about the environment at the time that could cause something like that to happen. It looks at the situations and influences that created that kind of violence. It’s not a film to give answers but to raise questions on the socio-political situation and you can draw a parallel to what’s happening today.” Saulter is confident that Jamaicans will support the film which could catapult it into international success.

On Wednesday, October 13, the movie Better Mus’ Come will be released at the Carib Cinema in Cross Roads. This is the first major picture written and directed by Storm Saulter, with production credits to Paul Bucknor. The movie stars seasoned actors Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary of Nomaddz alongside upcoming actors Ricardo ‘Flames’ Orgil, Duane Pusey and Nicole ‘Sky’ Grey. With electrifying performances from Roger Guenveur Smith award winning Holllywood Actor (Do the right thing, Malcolm x, American Gangster), Karl Williams, Chris McFarlane, and Dennis Hall. The thrilling love story blends violence, poverty and politics, with strong social- economic commentary set in the 1970’s, the story pulls from actual events from the era, to create an enthralling tale, that is sure to be embedded in the minds of all viewers.

Written by: jahknoradio

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