Bling Dawg chastises Kartel – 'Fren like dat mi nuh need'

todayNovember 8, 2008

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Deejay Bling Dawg says he is tired of taking lyrical abuse from fellow deejay Vybz Kartel and he can no longer be friends with the artiste.

This comes on the heels of Kartel’s lyrical attacks on the Alliance member and Bling Dawg’s lyrical counteractions to the insults.

According to Bling Dawg, the repeated verbal abuse from his former friend has become intolerable.

Bling Dawg told THE STAR how the rift between the two developed. “How it really started, to my knowledge, from Kartel depart from Alliance in all dat time I tried not to get involved between him and other members of the Alliance.

A just see like him move off my name, calling it up directly, indirectly and subliminally…at one point him a seh ‘caw Mavado nuh thick like Bling Dawg’, wha dat mean? Seh yuh a watch a man thickness, if a man a watch mi thickness mi worried.”

However, the feud came to colossal heights at ‘Champions in Action’ where Kartel reportedly questioned Bling Dawg’s sexuality on stage.

A diss tune

Later in Kartel’s Seh Weh Yuh Feel Fi Seh, a diss tune done for the Alliance, its managers and everyone associated with it, the artiste yet again insulted his former friend.

In the song Kartel states, “BDawg gwaan pump iron wid pure g.. man inna tights uppa Campion. Rememba seh yuh a thirty six year old and yuh nuh have no yute yuh a b.”

When THE STAR contacted Vybz Kartel he declined to give a comment on this and other issues.

However, Bling Dawg responded to the artiste lyrically in the song War Answer deejaying:

“Mi know yuh waan be Bounty Killer from yuh deh inna Alliance….Busy and ‘Vado go rise and tun giant. Jealousy a kill yuh so yuh start have defiance…a gal alone mi know tattoo dem man name..yuh really need fi stop call Selaisse name…when yuh fren have yuh facial features tattoo pon him.”

Lyrics to defend

Bling Dawg told the STAR, “Mi use lyrics to defend myself. Kartel is said to be one of di baddest deejays but him nuh badda dan me. Me buss before di whole of dem…wi caan be friends no more. My friendship is not a paper thing, if I have a brethren mi keep it real, mi nuh hypocrite, fren like dat mi nuh need. Mi have Alliance.”

Bling Dawg retaliated in a second song Yuh Mouth which he recorded Wednesday night after returning from Miami. In the song Bling calls Kartel the ‘Bleaching Don’ among other things.

He believes that Kartel is looking for a hype coming up to Sting and that is why he is feuding with so many entertainers.

Bling Dawg has released a number of songs including Weh Wi Come From, Waan Back Wi Money and Slow Wine.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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