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todayAugust 14, 2009

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Bounty kill has responded to the piles of insults Vybz Kartel has thrown at him with a song called Chatta Box.

Speaking on Bounty Killer’s behalf, his manager Julian Jones-Griffith said the song was recorded on Tuesday night.

“Kartel do a song seh Bounty can’t diss him, so Killer just a show him seh him can if him want to. Is just a reminder seh it still inna him blood. It’s not a counteraction, it’s a correction,” Jones-Griffith told THE STAR, in reference to Vybz Kartel’s songs like Seh Weh Mi Feel Fi Seh and When Since.


“Kartel mek up things bout Killer but Killer nuh inna dat, him just point out things inna Kartel song weh people a talk bout. Just a reminder seh Bounty can be the ‘Warlord’ anytime he wants to.”

bleach-out face bwoy

Bounty Killer’s song, which has already been getting many plays on the Internet, is rather graphic. From as early as the intro he describes Vybz Kartel as “alien-looking, deformed, hunch-back, bleach-out face bwoy”. There were also lines in the song which question many of Vybz Kartel’s lyrics.

In the song he continued, “Seh weh yuh feel fi seh/ Mi mek yuh career, don’t think I won’t spoil it/ Stop chew pon mi name like sweetie”.

He goes on to chastise Kartel for his songs in which he was speaking about kids having sex in buses and taking a girl’s virginity. “… me see yuh tendency, yuh love virginity and teenage pregnancy,” he deejays.

The song comes as a surprise because right after Sumfest Bounty Killer did an interview on a local television station in which he was denouncing the ‘Gully’ and ‘Gaza’ violence among fans of Mavado and Vybz Kartel, respectively. He also said both artistes should go on television and hug each other to show their fans that they should not be at war.

At many recent stage shows, Bounty Killer has been saying that he has no intentions of clashing anyone and was no longer in the ‘war mode’.

On Sumfest Dancehall Night in July he said, “Little boy things I did, I do them no more. I am a man.”

balancing the equation

And, at last Saturday’s Appleton Temptation Live, Bounty Killer said, “Negril mi do some bad things inna di past fi serve mi fi a lifetime, so now I’m just balancing the equation with some good stuff.”

However, Jones-Griffith said Bounty Killer would not be doing another song of this nature.

“It’s not a long-term thing, so it’s not gonna continue. It is just something for the fans, but we just keeping it within the realms of music,” Jones-Griffith said.

However, he said Bounty Killer would not be involved in any clashes with Vybz Kartel, nor would he do a counteraction if Vybz Kartel counteracts Chatta Box.

“Kartel bound to come with something, me surprised seh him nuh do nutten yet,” Jones-Griffiths told THE STAR.

However, when contacted, Vybz Kartel would not say whether he had done a song responding to Chatta Box. He was also reluctant to give a comment about the song. He said the only new song he has out is called Back To School.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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