Bounty calls out Vybz Kartel again

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Anticipating a lyrical clash with one-time student Vybz Kartel at Sting on December 26, Bounty Killer went on a tirade last Saturday night at the Hennessy Artistry party at the National Golf Academy in New Kingston.

Bounty Killer ruffled several feathers – from alleged skin bleaching to bedroom practices and a leaked sexually graphic picture of Vybz Kartel protégé Lisa Hype, the Warlord was in battle mode and is likely to continue in the same vein leading up to Sting – a deejay’s ultimate proving ground.

Referring to Lisa Hype as ‘Lisa Swipe’ and questioning Kartel’s manhood, Bounty Killer was as straightforward as could be.

“Come a Sting mek mi deal wid yu,” he said, before delivering Coppershot to a small, frenetic audience then classically walking off stage.

Prior to Bounty Killer’s performance, THE STAR received an email from Vybz Kartel Saturday afternoon in which he addressed Bounty Killer’s call for a lyrical clash, several previous statements being published by this paper.

“Bounty Killer is in no position to clash Vybz Kartel because, unlike me, he has nothing to lose since he is already a lost cause,” said Kartel. “Although I am sympathetic of his current state of mind because he is obviously going through a midlife crisis, I will not allow him to ‘piggyback’ my career to balance his spiralling one. Why would I as, arguably, the most influential artiste of people between 10-25 clash a dinosaur?”

At Hennessy Artistry, several persons were heard debating the possible clash. Would Vybz Kartel’s stinging lyrics trump Bounty Killer’s stage presence and catalogue of war tunes, or vice versa?

lyrical battle

While the possibility of a lyrical battle between both deejays seems enticing, there are concerns of such a clash perpetuating the Gully/Gaza rivalry, specifically since Bounty Killer’s ‘son’, Mavado, has been at odds with Vybz Kartel for years.

Supreme Promotions, producers of Sting, has so far only confirmed one clash – a farcical exhibition between Mr G (formerly Goofy) and LA Lewis.

In a previous interview, Bounty Killer said any clash he has with another deejay would simply be one man proving his lyrical wits against another and nothing more.

“A di people dem take da turn yah, cause from long time wi sing dem kinda song yah, like ‘Run come look up inna mi Magnum’ and all dem ting dey, but a jus sey dem (younger generation of artistes) guh to a likkle more extreme dan we … because nobody neva waan literally kill each other back den,” he said.

“One ting me want di people dem fi know, di Gully and di Gaza is a simple likkle music ting, jus like di Beenie and Bounty ting. A people jus love di rivalry ting an’ a use the Gully and Gaza ting.”

While Vybz Kartel remains adamant that “Bounty Killer is not in my equation” and there has been no confirmation from the organisers, it’s quite likely words will be exchanged in some form at Sting, even if they don’t share the stage.

Over the last two months, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel have recorded several ‘diss’ songs for each other that, even if they aren’t performed at Sting, will keep this new rivalry between a veteran and his one-time protégé topical.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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