Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel trade lyrical shots

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Debates have begun in the streets as to who won the lyrical battle between deejays Vybz Kartel and former mentor Bounty Killer, following Kartel’s counteraction titled, Bownty’s Killa.

Kartel’s counteraction was recorded last Friday, lyrically combating Bounty’s Chatta Box and UngratefulHell Boy.

vybz kartel

Last week Alliance fans got their long awaited wish when Bounty Killer went on the war path with not one, but two songs, insulting former Alliance member and protégé Vybz Kartel.

The two have been at odds since Kartel left the Bounty Killer-led Alliance in 2006.

In Chatta Box, Bounty strikes, describing Kartel as an “alien-looking, deformed, hunchback, bleach-out face bwoy” and later questions Kartel’s lyrical content. In UngratefulHell Boy Bounty continues on the same path calling Kartel ‘Judas’ and a ‘traitor’, saying, “di next hundred years yuh nuh half my career.”

While it had seemed that Kartel was not going to counteract Bounty’s songs, the Portmore Empire head has done just that, playing on Bounty’s name in Bownty’s Killa.

In the intro, Kartel makes reference to Bounty’s songs saying, “di – do three songs but we a go kill it wid one, caw him a mek up tings pon tracks but we a talk facts.”

box fi box
In the chorus, Kartel reverses Bounty’s “K a clappa, clappa” from Chatta Box saying, “yuh can’t mek no K clappa clappa clappa clap, yuh a nuh bad man, mussi clap yuh a go clap wid yuh… hand. Yuh tief piece of Spragga Benz song, and a put it in one fi diss di Gaza bad man,” later adding, “yuh a call man chatta box, anyweh mi see yuh mi a shot yuh a box.”

When THE STAR spoke to Vybz Kartel on Saturday he disclosed that he had begun emailing the song out on Saturday morning, but the song would be officially released to the public on Tuesday.

“This war is not even a lyrical war. Every single song Vybz Kartel do a mi write it and over the years I’ve been writing for a number of artistes too. Dis goes to show the skill level Vybz Kartel has,” he said.

On the Internet, persons have been making comments on blogs and on videos of the songs on casting their vote as to who won.

One person commented: “Gaza cyaaah talk after dis. War done, Alliance mi say!” Another Alliance supporter said: “Yow, this is why mi rate Killa. Him a the truth! Di man real, the rest a dem fake.”

On the other hand the Gaza supporters were gunning for Kartel saying: “Bounty, me a give yuh your props fi this one, but I hope when Kartel ansa yuh and destroy yuh, yuh nuh bex.”

Another fan wrote: “Bounty ok but a Gaza mi seh. Kartel kill him.”

Judging by the comments a number of persons are looking for Kartel and Bounty Killer to end their differences on stage at Sting 2009.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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