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Having achieved so much in life and in his musical career, Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer says he is satisfied.

“I can live with what I’ve got, I don’t have no crave right now, I’ve filled all my craves so it’s just long life and prosperity right now,” Bounty told The STAR yesterday.

Come June 12 this year, the self-proclaimed ‘Grung God’ will celebrate his 36th birthday and already he is taking a more mature outlook on life.

“Musically mi achieve it, an it still going on strong, an people still demanding, because they still looking to Bounty,” he says.

“Because Beenie can’t do without the competition and he is my arch-rival, suh people always looking to Bounty to do the things that he (Beenie) is doing. But my spot is not up for competition,” he said.

Bounty says he is happy with life and the way his career has unfolded over the years and feels less pressured to put out a major hit.

Instead he says, “Mi mek like Mavado dem an Kartel dem come run it fi a five year an di Jamaican people really show appreciation fi di yutes dem wey mi help buss. An mi really appreciate di Jamaican people dem bawl forward fi di regular artistes, but they salute di General.”

Bounty says he doesn’t have to have the hottest song out there, “I jus have to do a good song… I think these people just have an extraordinary love and appreciation for di Killer and I really appreciate it. Only thing wi need some more fun-filling things in the music, that’s why mi not even a sing too much again, cause my thing is very aggressive, an wi nuh really need dat right now.”

As a matter of fact, the Killer says he is not pleased with some of the songs he has done in the past. He used his latest response to the Monster Empire, Kill Dem All, as an example.

“Mi nuh happy wid some a di throw word song dem wey mi do, but I have to do it, because di people dem jus insist. Dem nuh stop play dem song pon radio, suh I jus had to do back one,” Bounty said.

However, Bounty says he is more mature than that now, “Suh mi cyan waste my lyrics pon eeediat! All di johncrow wey a sey me an Mavado a drive di same truck an not even own a car … him can’t even afford fi drive a Kingfish.”

Now, the Killer is looking toward the finer things in life like travelling to places he has never been before.

“There are places that I have never been, like Africa, and people been calling for me to go there and I think that it is time I take a trod to the Motherland,” he says.

In the meantime, Bounty is getting ready to have a splash, as he says he plans to have a birthday party with a difference this year.

Instead of It’s Tha Party, Bounty says the event will be called It’s Tha Pool Party.

The party is scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 15 at 9 Norberry Drive in Norbrook.

According to Bounty, “It’s formerly the home of House Party and we’ll have music by Colin Hinds, Stone Love, Jazzy T, Liquid, DJ Kareem, Bloodline, Nemesis and Sky Juice.”

He added that women wearing bikinis will have free admission. “Guys have to pay like two grand to see them and women without bikini pay $500. It’s going to be from 12 to 12, no long drawn-out ting – this one is going to be more fun-filling, music, vibe and spirits, likkle competitions an ting and it’s not an all-inclusive party.”

Sponsors for the event include Solid Agency, Hi Print, Magnum, HypeTV, RETV, Alliance Enter-tainment, Wysynco and Katana Express restaurant in Loshusan supermarket.

In addition, Bounty says, “On June 12, I’ll be at the Asylum, that’s the actual birthday, so we’ll be celebrating there with the Asylum family.”

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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