Charli Baltimore: 'Lil Kim Wasn't B.I.G.'s Girl'

todayJanuary 13, 2009

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Everybody knows the Notorious B.I.G. had a few high profile relationships. Obviously, he was married to singer Faith Evans, and then there was the widely reported fling with Lil Kim, but there was also Charli Baltimore.

With the upcoming release of the Biggie biopic “Notorious,” the rapper is the talk of the town. Lil Kim recently spoke out about her disappointment with her portrayal in the film, and in the past has expressed her overwhelming love for the late rapper.

Charli has now offered her two cents regarding Biggie’s relationship with Kim, via an interview with Yo! Raps, calling it more physical than anything else.

“The problem that comes is that Lil Kim made it seem like she had a relationship with B.I.G., that they really didn’t have,” the rapper told the website. “I don’t aggressively go at it and try to dispute it, like if you want to make people think that y’all had a relationship that was outside of sex, then that’s fine. That’s your business. People believe that. So it’s always like well, where did Charli fit in? …Me and BIG were in a relationship!”

Biggie’s widow Faith even admitted in a recent book that Charli, or Tiffany as she is called in Faith’s book, had a relationship with her husband. However, it was while they were “going through a separation, a divorce,” said Charli.

“I had discussed this with Faith. Me and Faith had words and we definitely had our little moments, but we never had any physical altercations,” Charli explained. “It wasn’t anything totally disrespectful. When B.I.G. passed, I called Faith and gave my condolences to her children because I thought that was the right thing to do. She knew about me and I knew that B.I.G. still had feelings for her. They were going through a separation, a divorce.”

Kim’s relationship, however, was non-existent, in Charli’s eyes.

“Kim goes out of her way to say she was B.I.G.’s girl. No, Kim wasn’t his girl! Straight up, she wasn’t,” she said. “She benefited from the situation because she became Lil Kim. She has a career and she’s grateful to a n**** for helping her in that aspect, but she was never his girl. … If you’re running around constantly saying it, you would think a person with half a brain would say… that don’t sound right! That’s like Faith constantly walking around saying ‘Oh! I was B.I.G.’s wife!’ Like… we know you were his wife. You don’t have to say it 100,000 times. So, I don’t get into that.”

Charli goes on to address rumors of her dating Jay-Z in the past, Maino, and even sheds some light on her music career and what’s to come.

Source: BallerStatus

Written by: jahknoradio

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