Chi Ching says no wedding bling

todayJanuary 20, 2009

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Dancer and artiste, Radion ‘Chi Ching Ching’ Beckford is still a bachelor, despite rumour that the entertainer tied the knot with an American woman.

Rumours are that Chi Ching recently married a woman so he could obtain a United States visa.

When THE STAR spoke with Chi Ching yesterday he acknowledged the rumour and said he had been asked by a lot of people if he was indeed married. Chi Ching told THE STAR that while not single,”mi nuh married”.

According to Chi Ching, being married began because of his new catchphrase: “New money, new bling, whole of dem bad mind seh mi have a new wife.”

Yesterday, Chi Ching was pulled over by police while driving on Constant Spring Road and was taken to the Constant Spring Police Station. The artiste was charged with smoking ganja, driving an unlicensed motor vehicle and driving without a license. He was granted station bail and is to appear in court soon.

Chi Ching explained: “I was driving and on a call and forgot that I had a spliff behind my ear. So the police charge mi for possession of a spliff and driving without a license. But everything sort out now. Mi get back mi car. People a text me seh dem hear seh mi get lock up, but everything cool.”

Despite starting the new year on the wrong foot with the rumour and a run-in with the law, the dancer/artiste is looking forward to new and exciting turns for his career.

“This year looking like a crocodile life for me. That’s my new slang, ‘a crocodile year’. I’m going to build a song around it too,” Chi Ching said.

After gaining popularity in the dancehall for his catchwords such as ‘eveeeeryday’, Chi Ching turned to music with the song Popcorn,which he did with Bling Dawg.

He is currently working on his debut album and has a new song out called Wrist Expensive.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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