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todayOctober 19, 2009

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Kingston, Jamaica: Disc Jock Marc Chin, out of the high-flying Coppershot Sound, is geared and ready to leave his mark on the music business.

At only 23-years-of-age Chin has traveled the world spreading Jamaican music and making countless of party goers leaving the island’s hottest events with a big smile on their faces after a session of excellent music selecting. Having been a member of the Coppershot family since 2002, Chin has had a love and drive to succeed in music since his days at the prestigious Jamaica College.

I’ve had a love of music for a long time and really started to take it serious in high school days. Me and a group of friends we would practice and Matthew and Ice from Coppershot would help us out but we were too young at the time to really go anywhere with it. It wasn’t until later on that I could pursue it and by then I was the one left in the group who was really into the music.

Chin got back into music under the tutelage of the Coppershot team, where he often practiced under the guidance of one Coppershot’s founder Matthew Gray, among others. Since then Chin has grown and developed his own style of playing music, from just selecting to talking more on the microphone to even participating and slaughtering the opposition at the recent finals of the Green Synergy competition held at the Chinese Benevolent Society.

Clashing wasn’t something I knew I could do and it did mad. I was quick and focused and people kept telling me they didn’t know I could draw for a song that quickly for Bambino (his clash opponent). So now I’m looking forward to the next clash with Bass Odyssey at the Guinness Sounds of Greatness.

Outside of the Green Synergy Finals, Chin has played at such popular parties as Twisted Spiritz, Beer Vibes, Daydreams, Xtreme Wet N Wild, as well as overseas dates in Trinidad, he was with Coppershot as the first Jamaican sound to play in Columbia. Chin has played at clubs in Canada, Washington and South Carolina among others. Claiming a keen insight into reading a crowd at any kind of event, Chin aims to please and fellow Coppershot member Matthew Gray can attest to his musical skills.

New blood is always good and Marc is definitely one of the ones that is leading the new face of Coppershot. He is innovative and enthusiastic. His mix CD series have been a crowd favorite from Jamaica to New York to Europe and Japan. Clean crosses and super fast mixing make him a leader on the new school of dancehall juggling. He has the right blend of all good points of all foundation members.

While music is important to Chin, so is an education as he recently graduated from the University of the West Indies with a B.Sc (Bachelor of Sciences) in International Relations. Currently, he is working full time on the sound, who he thanks for getting him involved in music, and working on a series of mix CDs. Chin started doing the mix CDs in 2006 and has grown over the years mixing better and faster and even doing hot shot introductions. His most recent mix “Run Round Dem” was released last week and has been getting rave reviews.

I love doing the mixes, I never thought it would be so popular but I have people from Africa telling me on Facebook that they love the mix. I have people have Japan saying so its really amazing.

Coming out soon the music maestro has a Run Round Dem Part Few titled Above A Dem for release soon as well as another CD called Pare Hitz. Also in the works is a combo hip hop and dancehall mix done by himself and one of Coppershot’s founders Mr. Shaun. For the future Chin says people can expect only more excellent selecting, drawing a crowd wherever he plays, and more work in the world of music.

For bookings for Marc Chin and Coppershot please contact:
Matthew Gray at or call 421-4398

Written by: jahknoradio

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