Da’Ville gives us “Only You” on the Bankx Riddim

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Jamaican reggae crooner, Orville “Da’Ville” Thomas, has thrilled us over the years with love songs that have lived on in us ever since. “Only You” is no different except for the beat, an old-school type of dancehall rhythm given an unexpected perspective with Da’Ville’s silky vocals.

“Only You” is the latest addition to the Bankx Riddim, produced by fashion designer, actress and author-turned-producer Jenelle Alexia under her new A’Legends Productions label via OneRPM on March 1, 2024. Da’Ville’s contribution will be available for purchase on Friday, May 10. 

A preview of the track was done by DJ Fyahrama during her Fyah Storm show on Sound Chat Radio in New York on Friday, April 12. It received rave reviews by the station’s listeners especially since Jenelle Alexia was in studio for a live interview at the same time to premiere it. “Only You” is all about love, longing and desire, and this preview left fans wanting more.

“It’s about someone expressing their exclusive desire for someone, confessing that everything they do is motivated by thoughts of that person. The imagery of the DJ playing their song suggests a connection between music and the beloved, with the invitation to “bounce along into my arms where you belong”, conveying a sense of yearning for closeness and intimacy,” states Da’Ville. 

“Overall, the theme revolves around passionate affection and the desire for union with the beloved,” he continued.

This notion is clearly portrayed in the lines: 

“I want only you, that’s my confession, everything I do right now, leads in your direction, so when the DJ plays your song, to my beat just bounce along, bounce along into my arms where you belong.”

Da’Ville has also expressed that he, as do most artists, does music for the world no matter the genre. And though he’s had a solid career spanning decades making him world renowned, he hopes this effort will help to solidify his career much more as well as to help bring back that fun essence, once had in dancehall and reggae. 

A’Legends had contacted Da’Ville through a mutual friend at Real Live Records, around October 2023 about lending his talents to the Bankx Riddim. 

“I don’t sing for any and anybody these days as I’ve become more skeptical of people and their true intentions regarding the musical craft and not just the other craft. I took the offer to do this project because it’s an amazing project, A’Legends seem to have a great track record along with their solid work ethics, and on top of that, we were able to come to some favorable terms for everyone involved.”

This belief in A’Legends allowed for Da’Ville the ease in his ability to write the lyrics for “Only You” and lay down the lead vocals in only a few hours, taking less than a day in total to complete.

“I like the fact that the beat is not so one-dimensional, and it pulls at you in the proper way.”

A music video for “Only You”, which will have Da’Ville suited in A’Legends branded clothing to give a full look and feel of A’Legends itself, is in the pipeline to aid in promotion, along with social media as the corresponding avenue to be utilized to the fullest extent, as well as interviews and by other means. Da’Ville and team intend on working hard towards making this song a success.

Known mostly for his past hits like “Always On My Mind” and “Can’t Get Over You”, Da’Ville lists his five most outstanding achievements as working on and building his relationship with Jesus Christ, being alive in great health and strength, having his 2 kids, marrying an amazing woman and just being able to create music on a whole in the way he does.

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