Flippa dismisses arrest rumours

todayFebruary 26, 2010

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Dancehall artiste Flippa Mafia yesterday dismissed rumours that he was arrested by the police and has been unable to leave the island.

Rumours have been flying around that the artiste was arrested and several of his shows have been cancelled as a result. However, he said this is not the case.


“No sah, nutten no go so,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR in a brief conversation yesterday. “Mi hear the rumours but nutten like that, mi nuh get no lock up.” There were also claims that Flippa Mafia, who spends most of his time in Philadelphia, has been unable to leave the island because of visa restrictions but he also dismissed this.

“Dat a something weh mi nuh really waan chat bout but mi nuh travel pon visa, mi have temporary residence,” he said, noting that the issue is a personal matter and he is in the process of getting his green card.

“Inna 2005 dem seh Flippa stuck a Jamaica and that is when mi really decide seh mi ago tek up music serious and mi do Real Badman. Dem a gwaan like mi a nuh Jamaican.”

Flippa said he has been in the country for the past two months and does not owe anyone an explanation for the length of time he has been staying here.

“Mi born a Jamaica. Mi live a Jamaica. Mi have mi house a Jamaica. Mi have kids a Jamaica. Mi mother live a Jamaica. Mi free fi stay as long as mi want,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meanwhile, he said Porsche truck, which crashed in late December, is “out and bad again”. He will also be performing at Follow The Arrow in James Bond Beach, St Mary, on Saturday.

Flippa Mafia is known for songs like Unfinished Business, Dem Ya and Repeat.

Written by: jahknoradio

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