I-Octane claims he was set up

todayMarch 8, 2010

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Reggae artiste I-Octane said people are trying to set him up.

The singer’s belief comes after a raid of his Portmore, St Catherine, home by the police on Saturday.

The singer, born Byiome Muir, told THE STAR that while conducting their operation at his home, cops told him that they have been receiving anonymous phone calls from people alleging that he is involved in the dealing of guns and drugs.

A source from the Greater Portmore Police Station confirmed to THE STAR that there was an operation at the singer’s home and that he even came in to the station afterwards.

“Yes, there was an operation and yes there has been some calls about his alleged involvement in some dangerous activities,” the source, a detective corporal said.

“Somebody a try set me up,” the artiste said before declaring, “Octane nuh deal wid gun or drugs… Mi nuh smoke, mi not even drink alcohol.”

misunderstood and misjudged

Asked about his feelings about such allegations, the singer after explaining that he is not surprised said, “One of the sad thing about being in the public eye is being misinterpreted, misunderstood and misjudged.”

Though nothing illegal was found at the artiste’s home, the police seized his Honda motor car citing an inconsistency with information on the vehicle documents.

“Dem seh di car papers don’t match di engine number so dem have to investigate,” I-Octane said.

According to I-Octane, the vehicle was purchased in his name about a year ago by Arrows Recording.

He also noted that on Saturday morning, the company had sent him a letter stating that it wanted back the vehicle, a move which he claims has no real effect on him.

“So what if dem want it back? Mi life nuh stop deh so … . Mi have greater things fi accomplish,” he reasoned.

With that said, I-Octane also revealed that his career is no longer being managed by Arrows Recording which has been doing so for the past three years.

While expressing his appreciation for everything the company did for him, he claimed that new decisions made by it would not reap any benefit to him and as such he made the decision to move on.

He also spoke briefly on a disagreement between himself and the company over a life insurance policy which he claims is worth millions of dollars, with the company being the sole beneficiary.

The matter is currently being handled by lawyers representing both parties.

However, when contacted, Phillip Linton of Arrows Recording confirmed all the artiste’s claims, and explained that talks are underway which could definitely see I-Octane parting ways with the company.

He also spoke about the insurance policy, explaining that it was simply devised to recover money invested in the artiste in the event that he dies.

“It’s like when you get a loan from a bank and they take out a life insurance policy on you … . It’s the same thing,” Linton said.

I-Octane, however, feels these challenges will only make him a stronger.

“Mi jus a keep a calm head still … . Yu haffi strong in these times because it might push you into the wrong crowd … . Tell di fans don’t worry though, Octane will continue to remain positive,” he said.

I-Octane is best known for songs like Lose A Friend and Stab Vampire.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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