Interview With I-Cient-Cy Mau

todayNovember 12, 2010

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I-Cient-Cy Interview

1. For the people who are not so familiar with you as yet as a person and as an artiste, can you tell them a bit more about yourself.

I and I come from Trench Town. From the town were all of the great, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Ken Booth and all these great ones are from. That is were I and I grew up from a small tender age, then moving to Central Village with I and I parents and the forward on to Trench Town and that is were I and I reside now with I and I family and I bredrins dem. Forwarding from “Finnigan and Junior Ranking” and those times, as a group, duo, in the 70s coming through to the 90s and the 2000s I and I look to a higher realms within the definition of HIS Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and his Empress Mennen and within I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors right now. We take it from there.

2. Tell us more about the movement and how you are continuing the long musical tradition of Trench Town

It is there reggae music was born and still lives. That is where it is from. Therefore it is not a regret or problems for I and I to deal with because it is the King’s music and I and I embrace that. And I and I look forward to working with that every day of I and I life. I and I as I-Cient-Cy Mau in this time with the Mau Mau Warriors it is very pleasing to speak to the people. Right now within the heights of everyone just beware and we are forwarding with the great music that Bob has left with us. Blessed love.

3. Tell us about the new album

This album is truly coming from the heart of I and I and the Mau Mau Warriors and it has been long overdue and the people have been waiting for such an album, “When Words Come to Life”. Ycan get it on . It is now available and you can get it from I and I personally through the mail. It is very fortunate that you can get this album, trust me.

4. It is a great album for everyone who loves and truly appreciates great reggae music. What is the concept of the album and what are some of the messages and some of the issues you are dealing with on the album.

We are dealing with issue like struggle. We know a lot of people throughout the Earth have struggles. We all know that we have “works to do”, that’s another title off the album. Then you have the title song, “When Words Come to Life”, and we have songs like “We Are From Trench Town” that embraces the people and the quality that we have still left in Trench Town this minute I am speaking . We have to give thanks and praises . We have a crucial “interview”, “Outerview” we call it in Jamaica, that me and my bredrin Delton have done. We have great songs like “Every Day Dem War” because we know that the war always embodies the family and the family is always in an argument that evil lives have to be taken and I and I personally do not love that. I and I have to talk to my people worldwide and say “Stop It!” . Mi a beg the I dem please stop it! And you will get other songs from the album like “Empress”, which embraces love. It is for the empresses cause love brought us here and it is love we live by daily. It is an album that I would say is a must have.

5. Why did you choose the title “Whenn Words Come to Life” ?

That song has so much significance within I and I reach because truly and honestly, when words come to life why should we fight? Why should there be anything but love? Love within the heights of over standing. Not “understanding” , my people. Do this for me! “Overstanding” is the word. Not appreciate but “appreci-love”. These are the words we want to take out and let people overstand that by using them in the right sense and in the right form that we can do this. “When Words Come to Life” is so important to I an I and to the masses of people throughout the world . Think upon yourself, when words come to life why should we fight? Everything should be alright.

6. In your music you are dealing a lot with the struggles of the people. It is a global problem everyone is facing. How can music contribute to make a change for the better?

Mi tell you personally, music can do so many things within our lives from dem time deh until now. It is so important that when we listen to music it does so many things to I. Music make we go and music make we forward. Within the heights of livity music has so much things to do with our lives my people! It is so important that when you even listen to a Bob Marley it compares to I-Cient-Cy Mau . Listen to Bunny Wailer and don’t listen to any of those Vybz Cartoon. That is what I and I call dem, and those Mafraudos, cause that is not music to I. Those things are not going anywhere. When we talk about music we talk about the healing of the mind, the soul and the body . The King’s music. Real, authentic reggae music. It has to do a lot with the body and every -body wants to live so it must be create reggae music. That is the part we have to play and we will play, my people, so keep listening for more great reggae music coming out of I and I, I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors.

I-Cient-Cy Mau

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