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todayFebruary 4, 2011

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Adversity makes us stronger and none knows this better than 26 year old Julio Hall an aspiring Contemporary, Reggae R&B, Pop artist who is making a name for himself internationally and hopes to do the same locally.

At thirteen while most boys are busy chasing teenage girls Julio was busy dealing with the vicious murder of his mother. Later disillusionment with the music industry pushed him away from it. However today he is a well adjusted triple threat with music in his heart and the message that we have the fortitude to withstand anything.

Julio “Voyce” Hall was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica

To a American mother and a Jamaican father. He moved to the Bahamas shortly after his mother’s death.

When he was eleven years old, Julio was given the name “Voyce” by a Jamaican choir director. She gave him the name after she recognized his rare ability to sing across several vocal ranges. Since that time, the multi talented singer, songwriter, producer has invested more time in learning the music industry.Voyce decided to add the letter S, to his already existing title to represent is sagini productions accomplishments.


s- Represents sagini

His affair with music hasn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows his history. Music flows through his bloodline, springing from his father, Alfred Hall a skillful guitar player and music composer. He also gets inspiration from a famous cousin the legendary DJ WePo the powerhouse behind “Stone Love” a musical giant out of Jamaica, responsible for influencing the careers of some of today’s and yesterday’s hottest singers and DJs.

S.Voyce made his first on stage appearance as a professional performer in 2003 at the Fam Fest album release concert. He was also featured on the gospel/jazz single remix of “Love “by [TAZZY CLARE]. Ever since, S.Voyce has showcased his talent at events nationwide displaying a totally different mood and style to his still developing music.

In 2006 S.Voyce decided to take a risk by trading in his newly found fame at the height of his secular music career to bring positive music to his music fans and his new listeners. After releasing 2 singles and being featured on numerous albums, he is finally working on his first debut album. And releasing is first positive reggae/gospel single “I Can Feel” which is on the compilation album “Zion I sampler volume 2” with some of the hottest most inspiring positive artist locally and Internationally such as Mr. lynx, St. Matthew, Jay Arie, Shaddi, Land Lord, Positive, Tedeus, Solo and others. “Just Can’t Wait” features Believe, one half of the group NCity. He is also set to release “ooh dont give up ” featuring roots and culture host Nadine brown the single has already created a buzz in the Caribbean market and doing well …”I Can Feel” recently hit number three on the Asian distribution chart. The songs are slated to be released this month, for downloads, purchase and radio air play

Not your ordinary “run of the mill”, “wannabe famous” artist, S.Voyce on recognizing that in today’s entertainment business the artist has to be a triple threat promptly implemented several strategic career boosting moves to complement his reach. In his push to be a viable and competitive force within the music industry, he taught himself how to play the piano the drums and the guitars.

He has since worked with some of the best and hottest producers, artist and musicians internationally and locally. The list includes Jamaican platinum producer, Dr Dizzle, president of “Platinum Muzik” Records, a label that works with A list Caribbean and international stars such as Shaggy, Cecile, Rihanna, Jah Cure … He has also worked with Bahamian producers such as Mr. Lynx, president of “Zion I” records and a three times Marlin Award winner. Mr Lynx works with artist such as St Matthew, Monty G, and many more. Producer and artist Margaret Glynatsis – Believe who works with Bahamian artists Tada, Skky Moncur,Sketch and others is another great producer with whom S.Voyce has worked. And his list of collaborations does not stop there He has also written, produced and teamed up with several Bahamian performers including Tazy Clare, cyeon fox, Believe, Jah lam and others.

S.Voyce is definitely reachin for new heights and is currently laying the foundation for artists, and producers locally and internationally. Given the title as one of the Bahamas best performers with his smooth lyrical flow his vocal skills and energetic dance routines, also considered as the next generation for R&B smooth, inspired by artist Tevin Campbell, baby face Edmond, New Edition, The Dream and of course the recently deceased king of pop Michael Jackson. With the confidence to bring to his listeners an open book of his life by being real,positive, romantic, fearful and conscious, it’s more than worth it to sit down and listen to the life of S.Voyce on a disc,or mobile audio device

In October 2004, at the age of 19, S.Voyce started his very own independent record label, “Sagini Records”, with Bahamian business partner Jay Williams. Today he is the CEO of White house Sagini Productions along with business partner and president Mark Johnson who is also the labels engineer

S.Voyce is releasing pure genius from his label, pushing out other artist and working with promoters such as Garth Thompson president and founder of Garth Music tour and Mr. Williams president of Goat radio entertainment California and Patricia Chatti CEO of “Make ‘EM Listen” and more. S.Voyce is bringing to the world the gift of talent, and music through life. S.Voyce is using his blessings to reach and explore new areas and sounds in the music industry by not just stepping outside the jukebox but over it, by being creative.

and to add to his already developing career Julio svoyce Hall is the CEO for Templars edge mulimedia along with partners Mark Johnson { president},simon mott of Achlight {Director},Johnathon Forbes of BMG FOTOS { vise president} and Reyernaldo Delva of 3RD Moon pictures { assistant Director} svoyce is also president and business partner to Johnathon Jay Arie Forbes ,BMG FOTOS , s’voyce and the team share holders of Templars edge is currently working on their first major project along with college entertainment thats set to be released by mid easter

Voyce quotes” music doesn’t makes a man, man makes the music the lyric and content of a song gives it the title whether gospel, rap, reggae, etc music Is what we make it, this is the presentation of how it makes me feel, so I present to you the world, a book titled the story of my life, our lives”. I am the inner eye the next level, the elevator, humble and willing to bring forth classic music to relax your mind, I am where revelations occur. i am S’voyce

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen am willing giving you a journey to the heavens

Listen SVoyce Track “I Can Feel”

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