Is Drenz Fashion Out?

todayDecember 1, 2009

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Drenz Fashion brand has been steadily increasing their credibility for being the distinct leaders in creativity and fashion when it comes to the Jamaican T-shirt industry. However Drenz Fashion has been a hard to reach product for some time now and the demand for the product have been steadily increasing. Somehow they have managed to keep their clothing out of stores but still maintaining their street presence and buzz. Is this Christmas the time Drenz was patiently waiting for?


Richie Drenz the designer for the brand answered a few questions.

Give us brief description of the Drenz Fashion?

The brand is a street couture one that is different, fashionable and edgy.

How did you came about with the name Drenz Fashion?

It goes all the way back to about 2003 when 9 of us were in a crew and called ourselves Adrenalynz. We hosted a session in Clarendon where I designed promotional tees for us to wear as the promoters and people just loved the design and from there it evolved into a pursuit of mine. I shortened the name and added fashion to the name for the sole reason I didn’t want to be just T-shirts I wanted to represent fashion.

Who are some of the celebrities that have worn the brand?

Shoot… so many… shout out to Bugle, Tarrus Roley, Mystic, Bridgez, Mavado Fantan Mojah, Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner, Ian’Pepe’ Goodison, G-whizz, Stacious, Richie Spice, Vybz Kartel and may others.

What can we expect for Drenz Fashion in time to come?

A much wider product base, I have designed a lot of fashion savvy stuffs that are yet to be developed, such as sneakers, bags, pants, watches and other jewelry just to name a few of them.


Why was your product not in stores for so long?

Well we were developing the product. I wanted to have a brand that could be differentiated on the market and that had its own unique identity. Creating a great designer product takes a lot of time. Designing overall is a sincere passion of mine, whether it be graphics, architecture or fashion, therefore I was just not comfortable with doing what everyone else was doing, just putting prints on tees. I wanted my clothing designs to be personal, reflecting my rawness and creative talent for designing.

What can we expect in your Christmas Collection?

Fresh colors, colors, colors and some fun College tees also.

The brand was in stores before and you retracted the brand over time, is this a marketing strategy that you will be using again?

No. Actually we will be in much more stores now than we were before island wide.

Can you name a few stores that will be carrying the brand?

Yeah. We are in Collectibles T-shirt Store, Kingston and will be in Maxies Dept Store, Portmore.

Any last words?

Yh. We will be launching a website soon, so be on the lookout.




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