Jah Vinci affirms love in 'Gaza'

todayMarch 4, 2010

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Singjay Jah Vinci has seemingly made a musical statement affirming his commitment to the Gaza camp with the song Gaza.

The song, which was leaked online yesterday, was produced by Don Corleon and is scheduled to be officially released today. Gaza seems to address the rumours surrounding Jah Vinci, that he wants to leave the Portmore Empire. Jah Vinci, who’s real name is André Kirk Rhoden, has been with the Portmore Empire since 2008 and rose to popularity with the song Weh Dem Ago alongside Vybz Kartel.


Prior to the exit of Blak Ryno from the Portmore Empire last week, rumours had been circulating for months that Jah Vinci has not been happy as a member of the Empire. Rumours had also circulated that he and Ryno had both been beaten on the Gaza, rumours which both have denied.

Now in his song, Gaza, Jah Vinci says, “Dem come wid rumour/run dem away/teacha a mi dadda/ Gaza mi sey/hypocrite and parasite a so dem name/waan fi stop mi pon mi walk of fame/a so dem lame/ Gaza mi sey, mi nuh shame/yesterday, tomorrow, today/ just tell di pagan go weh/a Gaza mi sey.”

He continues, “Dem come wid a bagga lie/waan see mi die/but yuh cyaan see mi leave Empire/and a di more dem call mi name/a di more career rise higher/from dem born mi know dem a liar/mi nah tun Judas betray di messiah.”

In the song, Jah Vinci urges all who wants to leave the Empire to leave because as one artiste departs “another star is born”. At the end of the song he says, “all who a ask if mi aggo lef di Gaza, no.”

‘Dem come wid a bagga

lie waan see mi die,

but yuh cyaan see mi

leave Empire,

and a di more dem

call mi name,

a di more career rise

higher, from dem born

mi know dem a liar,

mi nah tun Judas

betray di messiah.’

Written by: jahknoradio

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