Jim Jones Discusses Beefs With Nas, Max B And Cam'ron

todayOctober 14, 2008

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Dipset Capo, Jim Jones, is on top of his game these days. Not only has he turned himself into a major force in hip-hop the past year and a half, but he’s also helped usher in new trends and slang.

One thing that comes with success that no one really can dodge is beef and haters. Jones has both. However, he isn’t worried about “frivolous beef,” as he calls it, but he’ll sure clear the air about them if asked.

In a recent interview with Rhapsody, the rapper discussed several topics that have been brewing over the past months and beyond, including his gripe with Nas, his falling out with former Bryd Gang member Max B, and his distance from Dipset founder Cam’ron.

In a Q&A feature with Jimmy, he addresses his previous beef with QB legend Nas, one he says he’s does’t regret to this day. In fact, he says he’s run into him not too long ago and there were no problems.

“F*** Nas. I don’t give a f*** about Nas,” Jones replied when asked if he had regrets about his beef with the rapper. “He’s a rapper that just lost his pizazz. When I was in high school, he was the sh**. …

“I was never cool with him. I seen Nas a few months ago in L.A. with Dame,” Jones continued. “Dame seen him and was talking to him. I was laying back on a couch laughing. He didn’t know what to do. I was looking dead at him. [Laughs.] And then Dame was like, ‘You know Jim?’ He started [stammering], ‘Ah? Ah?’ Dame is just burnt out. He not thinking about none of that frivolous [beef] sh*t. Me neither, for the most part. Nas was never on my level ever. Ever.”

What about Max B? Wavy Crockett has gone hard at his former boss for quite some time now. Jones says there’s no proof to anything Max says about him. He’s claims to have helped him get out of jail, and now, he’s never gonna let the rapper drop an album.

“I own him. From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet,” said the rapper. “So, you tell me when his album’s gonna come out? He sold his publishing to me for like 100 stacks, for whatever the bail was when he was crying to me to get out of jail.”

The questions didn’t stop at Max B, though. The interviewer also questioned Jones about his strained relationship with Cam’ron. Jones says he was always loyal to Cam, but the Dipset founder didn’t treat him and his Dipset brothers fairly, financially. However, by what Jones says, it evident he is grateful for Cam bringing him into the game.

“I came[into Dipset] understanding two n****s coming up from nothing to have a bond and above all was supposed to be loyal to each other and everybody could get their equal share. That wasn’t the case,” he explained. “We definitely moved like brothers. We used each other, but it was his artistry and him being Cam was the reason why we got here, and a lot of my hard work standing behind him or standing in front of him.”

Jones goes on to say that no one, not even Dame Dash, can get a hold of Cam’ron these days. He’s missing in action, according to Jones. Will they ever work together again? He says it’s a possibility, if the money’s right. But as far as he and Cam reconciling, Jones said he’s not sure.

“I don’t know about that. That’s another conversation,” he said.

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