Juelz Shoots Back At Cam'ron; Bad Business To Blame For Split

todaySeptember 15, 2008

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Weeks after it was first announced that Juelz Santana has been released from his obligations to Diplomats Records, the rapper is speaking candidly about the details behind the split.

During an interview with, Juelz revisited the situation, revealing that the details were not as Diplomat Records’ CEO Cam’ron had previously made them seem.

“I vowed not to say nothing bad about Cam ‘cause I felt like he did a lot for me,” Juelz Santana told “But as far as him selling me, that s**t just sound stupid. I’m the biggest artist in New York City right now, ain’t came out with an album in three years. He would never sell me. It was bad business, and I had to get out my contract. It’s so crazy to me that he’s still trying to make himself look good.

“It’s obvious what’s going on,” he continued. “You see everybody that’s a part of the movement still together but him.”

Juelz Santana said that he respected Cam’ron’s position as head of The Diplomats, but reiterated that bad business was the reason for his departure from the label, which distributed Juelz’ projects via Def Jam.

“It’s a line between loyalty and stupidity man, bottom line. And it’s gotta be drawn sometimes,” Santana told “So as far as the fans, I hope they understand, that’s the realest quote I could give them.”

The statements come as Juelz Santana prepares to launch his first efforts as the latest rapper-turned-label head, introducing his stable of protégés via the release of Skull Gang Takeover: The New Movement To Move Wit.

The project will be available for free download starting next Friday (Sep 19).

The project will serve as an introduction to Skull Gang’s core members: rappers Richmond Rabb, John Depp, Unkasa and R&B singer/songwriter Starr.

Takeover also heavily features Juelz, who appears on every track on the project.

“I felt like the game needed something new just as much as they needed me right now, so I decided to give them both at the same time,” he explained. “I’m excited right now. Just as much as I’m excited for myself, I’m excited for my artists. I didn’t just put together artists that was around me. My team is really built based on talent. And, you know, I feel like we can only win. The music is strong, we just gotta execute the right way.”

Juelz is currently refocusing on his solo career as well.

The Skull Gang Takeover mixtape will be almost immediately followed by the Harlemite’s solo Regan Era mixtape, due out before the end of the year.

Both releases are paving the way for Juelz’ highly anticipated third studio album Born to Lose, Bred to Win, which he says will hit stores at the end of the year.

And although there’s some tension between the remaining Diplomats and Cam’ron, Juelz Santana remained loyal to an absentee Cam’ron.

“Me, Jim and Zeek is in the studio damn near every day,” says Juelz. “We wouldn’t be disrespectful and try to put out a Dip Set album without Cam. We just gon’ wait til he comes back. Nobody can find the third party though. What if your boss decides to say ‘I quit,’ you not gon’ work no more?”

Source: Allhiphop

Written by: jahknoradio

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