Khago Warns of Scam Site

todayJanuary 14, 2011

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There is currently a Facebook page called ‘Khago Dubs’ that was set up from as early as November and now has more than 1300 friends. It has the artiste’s biography and several pictures of him. Many of his songs are also posted on the page, which also bears many comments from his fans around the world.


The scammer also makes several posts on the page, saying, “now selling dub plate for sound systems. Songs like, Nah Sell Out Me Friend Them and Inna Me White Ts Adidas) and Nah Sell Out Me Friend Part 2. Lots more. Link up soon. Booking, voicing. Blessed love, Khago.”

However, Khago says he has nothing to do with this page.

“A couple months now it keep on a surface. People a ask mi how mi nuh turn up a dem show a England. Dem set up a Facebook page with all of my information. People keep on a go pon the page and a talk to the person weh give dem a number. It seem like you have a next person weh name Ricardo Gayle weh a work wid dem,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR, noting that his full name is Ricardo Mascoska Gayle.

“You have people a call mi and a threaten all mi life ’cause a thousands of dollars dem send go give dem (scammers) fi show and a nuh me, mi nuh have nothing fi do wid it. A crazy calls mi get. Dem deal wid di England people dem wicked.”

Khago explained that he is especially disheartened because this is something he would never have done, even in his poorest days.

“If me neva thief nobody when mi a suffer, a so mi woulda stupid fi go do dat now?”

“A somebody a try bring down mi ting. Mi nuh tek nobody money, I will never do that. I work too hard fi go do that now. Mi caan do dem type a ting deh, is not me. A now when the world a cry fi see mi, mi ago try fi mess up myself like that?,” he asked, while explaining that he was told that the money was sent to someone in Ocho Rios.

To prevent a reoccurrence of this, he is asking persons wanting dubs and wishing to book him for shows to make contact with the right persons. For dubs, he said interested people should contact his road manager, Ryan Cooper.

As for shows, “mi neva talk to anybody ’bout shows. If dem call mi bout show, dem haffi talk to Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe (Khago’s manager),” he said.

He is also urging persons who have already sent money to the scammers to report it to the Fraud Squad so that the matter can be investigated. Meanwhile, his manager Bankey said he plans to report the matter to the police.

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks

Written by: jahknoradio

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