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todayMarch 28, 2008

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Beenie Man

Bounty Killer. Just the mention of that name could spell trouble, especially if mentioned to, let’s say, Beenie Man.

Well, THE STAR recently had a sit down with ‘The Doctor’ in a one- and-one interview and we couldn’t help but ask how are things between the two deejays.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man have been arch-rivals in dancehall music for several years and, over time, one would think that the two would have been able to put aside their differences.

Turn for the worst

However, things seem to have only taken a turn for the worst, as Beenie says he is convinced that The Killer really has something against him.

“Mi use to tek it fi joke, sey Killer nuh like mi, but afta suh long, mi a get fi realise sey him really nuh like mi,” Beenie Man said.

But according to Beenie, “Mi sorry fi Bounty Killer, a good yute still cause him bring whole heap a people inna di music. But him need fi adjust and change wid di times an stop badmind mi. Why him a guh come pon TV an sey mi nuh deserve fi get artiste a di year? A nuh him sing Back It Up an dem song deh? I think di Range Rover a get inna him head. Memba dat a him an Mavado a drive di same vehicle, but a me buy Range an give Angel, a me sey Humma two time, a red an a black one.”

“A nuh my fault”

According to Beenie, Bounty probably dislikes him because he has failed to maintain the presence and popularity that he has managed to maintain until now.

“A nuh my fault that Bounty Killer is not where I’m at. Look at Mavado, him have a song wid Jay Z an di one chance wey Bounty get is a naked man come inna him video.”

In terms of his present musical direction, the deejay says that he is planning to build an empire with Barbee.

“Me an Barbee a build a empire a New York, a musical ting. Me in charge of har programme a hundred percent, suh right now she’s in studio working on her album, an is from di gym to the studio an back, cause she stay a Jamaica an eat up some yam an dem ting deh, an yuh know how dat guh,” Beenie said.

However, with all his projected plans, Beenie hopes, “this year will be a good one, because right now wi a work pon a new record deal, cause mi tired a Virgin an dem odda big company deh. Suh right now wi a look a independent label that’s signed with a major company, so that way you can get what you want. Mi nah mek di same mistake wey mi mek wid Virgin.”

New movie

In addition to his search for a record deal, Beenie says he also has a movie coming out soon called Kingston. “Inna di show, a me name Jonathon Kingston an is a action movie. No regular Jamaican movie, di same people dem wey produce Rude Bwoy wid me an Ninja Man,” he said.

Well, if building an empire with Barbee and making a movie isn’t enough, the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall says his latest album is expected to be ready in time for this summer.

“Mi nuh have no name fi it yet, a di first mi nuh have a name fi mi album, but it a guh be di same kind a vibe like Give It Up. It’s a dancehall album,” and fans, he says, need not worry, “because when mi drop album a di baddis ting bout yah,” Beenie said.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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