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In a release sent to the STAR by newcomer Konshens, real name Garfield Spence, the artiste has sought to lay to rest, rumours concerning his relationship with Natural Bridge Studios, the Portmore Empire and his plans for 2009.

Konshens writes:

“Throughout the past couple of weeks, several disturbing issues have been raised involving me and the state of my career. I am aware that attempts have been made to reach me by various media houses in an effort to get my response and views, but as a result of my being in Europe for three weeks these attempts have been futile.”

This, my response was intentionally delayed even after my return home, until the end of the active season in the music industry in order to stress my sincerity and not to come across as ‘hype seeking’. I will now address these issues.

According to various websites, newspapers and other publications, my management team Natural Bridge, a few weeks ago issued a press release stating that they have dropped me, and also outlined several reasons why this so called ‘drop’ occurred.

This action raised several eyebrows, changed the way many people view me as an individual and also caused the concern of, if not all, many members of my growing fan base. Many of the remarks allegedly made by the CEO of Natural Bridge Mr. Mark Pinnock were indeed beyond the realm of truth and were what I think was the overflowing of his emotions.

Tarnish reputation

However, If I am to relate fully the real reason behind our falling out this might come across unintentionally as an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Natural Bridge and Mr. Pinnock as was done to me.

The little professionalism that I try to practice moves me to keep the internal issues between me and my business partners ‘internal’.

Therefore, I am above the name calling and finger pointing. However, facts, records and actions can easily overpower the spoken word.

The issue of me being a ‘lazy artist’ allegedly outlined by Mr. Pinnock in the story is hilarious. Since I have emerged (which is under a year) I have recorded over thirty songs, done most major and minor interviews, appeared on almost every major stage show from Sumfest to Irie Jamboree in New York, done several school tours, including RE school tour and the RJR school tour, done countless dub plates and sound system exclusives, many of which I recorded and engineered myself in the spacious Natural Bridge studios and campaigned physically in the streets most nights after working all day.

Not legally ‘dropped’

Konshens also claims to have :

“Co-directed two of my music videos after solely raising the budgets for both, printed and distributed thousands of promo pics and CDs after solely raising the budget for this as well.”

“In closing, Natural Bridge has not legally ‘dropped’ or terminated my contract. I am still awaiting the necessary papers that were said to be presented to me by Natural Bridge for over a month now. These papers are imperative if we are to part ways officially and Natural Bridge can be reimbursed whatever they are due, within the law.”

In regards to Portmore Empire, Konshens writes:

“Recent rumours have been circulating that I am a member of the Vybz Kartel-led ‘Portmore Empire’. There is no fact behind these statements. Vybz Kartel nor any other member of the empire has never approached me with the argument of becoming a member and I have never expressed any desire of becoming a member. We are simply co-workers full stop.”

And for 2009 the artiste says:

“This coming year is all about advancement and better and more work for me. 2008, though very productive was trial and error. 2009 is about applying the knowledge I have acquired from my experiences this past year to the Konshens movement.”

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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