Laden's 'Time To Shine' under investigation by BC

todayMarch 16, 2009

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Laden’s Time To Shine is currently being investigated by the Broadcasting Commission (BC).

When contacted, Nicole Morrison, information and public relations officer at the Broadcasting Commission said the song was being investigated but was not banned by the BC as was being speculated.

“No ban is coming from the Broadcasting Commission on any song. I understand that there is an investigation because an expletive was played in that song on the radio,” Morrison told THE STAR.

The lines in the song that are not fit for airplay say, “Nah bow fi get it/ Nah kneel and chew… I don’t give a f … bout the haters and envy.”

Laden says: “so far mi hear seh dem seh it fi tek off the TV and radio stations because it haffi edit. Mi just sing over the lines weh dem have the problem with.” Laden also noted that the expletive was not fully pronounced.

haters and envy

However, the edited version now says, “this year wi haffi mek it/ Mi nah go be untrue … I don’t really care about the haters and envy.”

Laden says the revised version of the song is already being distributed via e-mail and CD.

“Mi nah seh mi have a problem with the Broadcasting Commission or the government, mi just a seh mi nuh give a f… bout the haters. Weh dem waan wi do, bow? Dem line deh nuh effective enough fi do nutten. But dis only ago mek di song bigger,” Laden told THE STAR.

Adding: “It always a play all along so mi nuh know weh dis a come from. Mi nuh know if a cause it gone a number one.”

Time To Shine has been the number one song on Entertainment Report, Richie B and Stampede Street charts, as well as various website charts in recent weeks.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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