Macka, Paula at odds, again?

todayMarch 7, 2009

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Are female deejays Macka Diamond and Queen Paula at odds, again?

The two friends and former rivals are no longer ‘bosom buddies’, following rumours that Macka Diamond left the Money-O Galliance for the First Capital Crew.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, it was clear the two deejays were not as close as they used to be. Macka Diamond admitted she’s been spending a lot of time with the First Capital Crew, which hails from Old Harbour. She, however, said she had not officially left the Galliance but was spending time with persons she felt she could “hold a vibes with” and who could uplift her career.

macka diamond

“From mi form Galliance everybody a move lazy; (right now) mi a par wid some people who gimme energy. Mi caan par wid people who a keep me down,” said Macka Diamond. “Mi nah really seh mi lef Galliance but mi form it fi mek di females stronger. It not working, so mi haffi do my ting.”

Macka, who says she finds it easier working with men, says she has been receiving calls from persons telling her that Queen Paula is upset with her, but says, “we nuh business; we caan deal wid it right now”.

When contacted, Queen Paula said she had not been officially informed whether Macka Diamond had split from the Galliance, which Macka started last year.

“Mi a hear seh Macka is no longer part of the Galliance. Mi did a hear seh she start a next crew name something another capital. But a Galliance mi seh, straight. Mi nuh know who ago stray and who ago follow, but it look shaken up,” Queen Paula said.


This is not the first time the two have been at odds, as they were part of a much-publicised clash in 2003 at Sting. However, the two reconciled in 2006, with Macka Diamond starting the Money-O Galliance with Queen Paula, Lady G, Black Queen, Champagne and dancers Dahlia and Latesha.

When asked if she was still close with Macka Diamond, Queen Paula said no. “Nuh really. Wi nuh link to that again. Mi kinda a do mi own thing. A music thing ’cause wi still a mek wi money. Mi couldn’t tell when last mi talk to har,” Queen Paula told THE WEEKEND STAR.

This, she said, was evident when they did not go to Follow Di Arrow together last Saturday. And, they did not perform together as they usually do.

Laid-back attitude

queen paulaMacka Diamond said that Queen Paula’s laid-back attitude was the reason behind their not spending time together.”Mi nuh hear from Queen Paula in a long time; from Galliance form mi nuh see Paula. Everytime we call Paula fi go somewhere, she tired, or dis or dat. Even Black Queen, who live in Ochi, mi see. Mi see Champagne up to last night (Wednesday). Queen Paula just love stay in,” Macka said.

It’s unclear whether two will reconcile again, as Queen Paula says she will not be joining the First Capital Crew.

“Mi always try fi deal fair and it nuh work out. Yuh and somebody can a par and then dem ago just seh dem ago do weh dem feel fi do and start new crew. Mi nah go over deh inna no First Capital Crew ’cause mi nuh know dem,” remarked Queen Paula.

Macka Diamond stated: “mi nuh carry grudge inna my heart. Paula is a girl mi know fi years. She will keep up the malice but mi nuh keep up wid nuting.”

In the meantime, Macka says she has been making songs with the First Capital Crew and plans to ‘buss’ two of the male deejays.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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