Mavado Free And Happy

todayAugust 14, 2008

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Singjay Mavado is feeling ‘so special’ as his case was dismissed from the Savannah-la-Mar Resident Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday.

The ace deejay, who says he is innocent of all charges, says trouble somehow, always seem to find him.

On Sunday August 3 during the RTI weekend in Negril, Mavado, real name David Brooks, was served a summons which charged him with, among other things, assault occasioning bodily harm and using indecent language after an incident at the Jungle night club.


According to a previous report in THE STAR, the deejay and a man got into a disagreement at the nightclub where the man was assaulted in full view of police personnel. Mavado was then reportedly accosted by the police who attempted to reprimand the deejay to speak to him but he reportedly cursed them using indecent language.

However, according to the deejay, he is an innocent man.

In an interview with THE STAR yesterday, Mavado said, “Mi done know sey me is a yute weh innocent of all weh dem a accuse mi of, mi jus know sey a brighter days, suh mi jus lef everything inna Jah hand … suh now mi get everything sort out an get dem offa mi name. I an I neva touch nobody or hurt nobody, a work mi did jus done work.”

He continued, “some likkle shuffling did gwaan, an mi walk pass cause it neva have nutt’n fi do wid me. Suh when mi cut, mi frighten fi know sey mi actually tek weh mi self an still a hear all a dem ting yah.”

Bulls eye

For the artiste, who has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions, he feels targeted by people, whether members of the police force or persons in general who ‘a try mash up mi ting.’

Mavado says that because of this reason, he spends most of his time at home or at the studio and would never hurt someone else, unless provoked.

“Wi know sey di people dem love wi, suh wi nah guh out deh guh hurt dem or do dem nutt’n if a man nah diss mi, mi nah diss dem, but mi nah tek dis from nuh man, nuh care a who. yuh have police whe nuh like mi none at all an yuh have police whe rate Mavado … Dem dutty up mi name, but mi nuh change, I’m still here,” he told THE STAR.

New songs

Currently, Mavado says he is focussing on releasing some new songs between now and Christamas that will be different, as he says he is an artiste who only voices hits.

“Right now mi have a ting name It’s Raining Again, whe mi a tell dem sey mi live di life of a ‘G’ (Gangsta) till di day I die is a whole story an dem only tell di bad an nah tell di good,” he said.

Mavado also recently released a new single on Stephen McGregor’s ‘Day Rave’ rhythm called Real Killa (No Chorus) that is expected to do well.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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