Munga not looking to clash with rivals

todayMay 13, 2010

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Despite throwing words at Deva Bratt and Chino in a new song, Munga says he was merely voicing his opinion but had no intention of clashing with the artistes.

The song, Some Bwoy A Talk, surfaced on the Internet on Monday. However, Munga said it was done a month or two ago.


In the song, he says: “We hear some bwoy a talk/ We know dem bwoy deh soft/ Mi nuh have time fi war wid rapist/ Fi go war wid Chino is like mi a war wid a waitress/ Yuh fi know wi nuh fraid a people/ No bwoy caan mek mi run weh from my place/ My gun always deh pon my waist/ Mi will block off the b….. traffic and pop off mi big black matic and spray yuh vehicle.”

When contacted by THE STAR, Munga said: “A freestyle, mi just a deejay and talk mi mind. If dem waan respond, mi nuh response. Mi just mek mi expression and go through.”

He also pointed out that the song was done long before he turned down Tommy Thompson’s offer to clash with Deva Bratt at The Settlement: Unfinished Business, on June 12.

“Dat nuh have nutten fi do wid nutten. Dat song even come up before da whole thing deh. But no, no clash anything,” Munga told THE STAR.

Having heard the song yesterday, Deva Bratt said he did not take offence to it.

“That nuh have nutten fi do wid me. I don’t see the necessity of paying attention to the line ’cause my name wasn’t called in it,” said the artiste, who was before the court on two separate sexual offence cases in 2008.

“Him a repeat and him repeating about events which are in the past. This is not a lyrical. There’s not a contender,” Deva Bratt added.

In 2007, Munga and Deva Bratt were involved in a physical altercation on stage at the Stone Love Anniversary show, after Munga openly insulted Deva Bratt in his song Talk Dem A Talk.

THE STAR tried to get in contact with Chino but was unsuccessful.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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