Nas Talks Biggie & Pac Beef, Tiger Woods Being A Coon And More

todayApril 21, 2008

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Nasir Jones has been playing it relatively low key since the announcement of ****** months ago. Since then, rumors have popped up on various blogs and websites about the whereabouts of his latest album. Although there is no release date, “Be A ****** Too” [click to listen] recently hit the net and the hype building toward the album has officially begun. In the meanwhile, Nas spoke to King in a recent interview about a plethora of topics.

First, Nas clears up rumors that Def Jam was going to drop him because of the title of his album.

“Somebody told me that (one) about me getting dropped,” he says. “That sounds funny, though. I guess that just stays a rumor. But I enjoy those rumors too, because that means there’s fear.”

Nas also said in the interview that he had no problem with interracial relationships but was called to task because of how he dissed Taye Diggs, Cuba Gooding Jr and Tiger Woods – who all have white wives – on “These Are Our Heroes.” Nas stated that it had nothing to do with their racial preference but their character.

“Tiger Woods standing up for this white lady who said something about him being lynched is a coon move to me,” Nas explains. “God bless the brother. I like to see him doing his thing, but that’s a flaw in his character. That’s an issue I would have with Tiger Woods; not who he is married to.”

Nas goes on to say that Richard Pryor is his heroes.

“He was married seven times,” he continues. “My favorite wife of his is Debra, one of the white girls.”

He also reveals a bit of interesting info about Biggie asking him to team up with him against Tupac during the Pac/Biggie rift.

“He said, ‘Let’s get together.’ He said that everyone was a little nervous about it, but he was calling me about getting busy,” God’s Son reveals.

But he states the reason it never happened was because of their busy schedules. He also discusses how Biggie and Nas took shots at each other on record.

“On a song I did on my second album, Tupac thought it was about him, but it was really towards Biggie,” he says of “The Message” off of It Was Written. “From the first lines all the way to, ‘One life, one love, there can only be one king.’ That was specifically going in that direction. The whole fucking song, really. Tupac was not even on my radar for going at him.”

He also says that while nobody really knew that “The Message” was about Biggie, the New York rapper knew and responded on “Kick In The Door” with “Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.”

Keep it locked to DX for more on Nas and the upcoming ****** album.

Source: HHDX

Written by: jahknoradio

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