Nesbeth King of Jungle

todayMarch 24, 2010

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Last Saturday, March 20th, Nesbeth a fruit of the loins of Arnette Gardens, unified forgotten Kingston communities, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mexico, Jones Town, Trench Town and Rema by hosting a free event called “A nuh suh mi waan live” which turned out to be one of, if not the biggest of its kind ever to be held in Arnette Gardens also known as Jungle.


In the late 1960s Bob Marley recorded a song titled “Concrete Jungle” which was re-recorded on The Wailers, breakthrough album Catch A Fire in 1972/73. The song describes what it was like for the Reggae King, growing up in Jamaica’s Trench Town ghetto. Today, another offspring of “Concrete Jungle” conscious Reggae artiste Nesbeth has written and released several singles namely; Board House, Drive By and A nuh suh mi waan live, all of which were inspired by the lifestyle of residents living in Jungle.

Historically, Arnette Gardens like Tivoli Gardens are known to be some of Kingston’s toughest communities allegedly politically aligned to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and Opposition, People’s National Party (PNP). The so-called political divide between communities creates to this day, tension among the people that break the heart.

When Reggae Artiste Nesbeth took the decision to open up the communities and pour love into the hearts of the people through music, it is an unprecedented gesture that needs applause. Leading up to the event Nesbeth visited all the media houses in Kingston to seek their assistance in promoting the event; he also visited and spoke with several artists who showed up in numbers for the big show.

Today, Nesbeth is grateful for the support from the artists who came out to make the event possible, many of whose mere presence assisted tremendously with his task of trying to spread love and unity among the people of Arnette Gardens.

The lineup included Taurus Riley, Gramps Morgan, Konshens, Turbulence, I-Wayne, Romaine Virgo, Lady G, Duane Stephenson, Kiprich, Twins of Twins, RDX, Nickiesha Barnes, Alozade, Vibrant, Bescenta, Influence, Unicorn, Tyrical, Chase Cross, Poor and Boasy, Singer Jah and Disc Jocks Pink Panther, CD Master, Richie Feelings, Fire Child. Music was provided by resident sound, Twin Star.

Interestingly some residents now think that Nesbeth is “the boss” we could not resist the temptation of sharing with you, comments made the morning after the show by some who claim that sleep was long in coming as their greatest fear would be to wake up and find that it was all a dream.


Nesbeth a di boss, this is the biggest stage show eva keep a Jungle. The show incident free, people in the community respect Nesbeth, not even a jeep (referring to police patrol cars), the show was kept in a T Junction where every 50 metres around the place was jam packed


It sell off, a nuh normal ting a talk about ting


Me build furniture and from what I experience this is a big upliftment for the community. This show brought unity among the people because some people who were afraid to come out did, and mingle with other people and that’s historical.


Mi neva go (I have never been) to a stage show before and never dream me woulda (I would) live to see some of these artistes perform live. Me have two friends who live overseas who kept calling wanting to know who is the promoter and if the show is annual.


There were no reports of Artiste harassment and no complaints from the police because the people’s full corporation made it possible for the event to go on all night. Music is life and it only takes one bold step from one bold individual to use his stance in the music industry and rekindle a community that has been marred with violence and crime for years. Violence and crime still exist but the message is clear as stated in the event title which was appropriately taken from his current single “A nuh so mi waan live” words of hope yet a cry for help in the forgotten communities of Concrete Jungle in Arnette Gardens. For this rewarding gesture, Nesbeth is King of Jungle!

Written by: jahknoradio

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