'No disrespect to Bounty and Alliance' – Beenie

todayMay 29, 2008

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Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis says he wants to set the record straight, as recent reports in the media have suggested that he mocked members of the Alliance, namely Bounty Killer and Mavado, during their absence at the ‘Best of the Best’ show held in Miami on Sunday.

Ridiculed Bounty

According to reports, the deejay ridiculed Bounty Killer and the Alliance when he went onstage and said, “See it deh, some a dem nuh have no visa. Bounty caan guh a foreign again.”

It had been reported in THE STAR (Saturday, May 24) that Bounty Killer would not be appearing on the ‘Best of the Best’ show, due to an inability to get a work permit application processed at the United States Consulate in Kingston in time for the show.

However, when contacted, ‘The Doctor’ said he meant no disrespect to Bounty or members of the Alliance by his comments and performance of ‘Alliance songs’.

“Nuh represent mi guh represent fi di man dem. A entertain mi guh fi entertain, an’ mi like fi si when everybody a move. Mi sey, people, Alliance nah guh deh yah ’cause dem nuh get nuh visa, suh mi do a Mavado tune an’ dem (patrons) sing it from start to finish,” Beenie said.

“I don’t want Jamaica feel sey a mock mi a mock di people dem,” he added.

Fans loved it

According to Beenie, the fans saw nothing wrong with what he did and in fact loved it.

“Di people dem did appreciate it … Mi sing I’m on the Rock (Mavado) and ‘Waran all type a tings’ fi Bounty. Then dem (the organisers) turn off di mic pon mi an’ di people dem start lef’ ’cause dem think sey a done di show done. But dem call up Supa Cat afta dat.”

So far, there are no indications that members of the Alliance have taken offence to Beenie’s actions at the ‘Best of the Best’ show in Miami, as a spokesperson for the Alliance said, “everybody knows a jus’ Beenie dat, a jus’ suh him stay.”

Beenie says his focus now is simply on music and on being positive.

“Di summa a guh nice. Mi nuh need dem negative ting yah right now.”

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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