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todayDecember 24, 2008

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Deejay Vybz Kartel is ready and lyrically loaded to settle all arguments at Sting this Friday at the Jamworld Centre, Portmore.

When THE STAR spoke with the deejay yesterday, he said that while he has no new songs prepared for the event, it will be “just hit song and hit slang”.

The deejay did not hold back when asked about his preparation for the clash against Mavado. “Me want them line up together fi me dun dem, ’cause they have been slandering my name for two years and so they have no choice but to defend their argument Friday.”

After nearly two years of recorded lyrical clashing between the two entertainers, Sting 2008 is billed as the event to settle the warring for good. Jamaicans, locally and abroad, are looking forward to the clash which will see the promoters having security personnel and possibly barriers placed between the artistes while they trade tunes.

But while Kartel is prepared and waiting for Sting, the reactions from the other camp are not so clear. Several attempts by THE STAR to get Mavado to comment on his plans for Sting were unsuccessful.

However, just over a week ago while on a popular entertainment programme, he appeared to be unreceptive to the clash. On the show, Mavado said: “… Two hundred police ’round stage, barriers and cage and beer ting, mi seh hold on, if two artiste a go clash den, and yuh waan barriers, cage and beer tings, den yuh know how dangerous it is … . Yuh a boost clash, artiste a go confront artiste. Mi nuh know nuting ’bout dat … mi nuh waan be di one who have the fall of Sting on my name.”

Mavado further stated on the show that he does not know about any clash and had not spoken to anyone affiliated with Sting about a clash.

Avoided confrontation

Prior to the interview, it was reported that Mavado had avoided a confrontation onstage with Kartel at a stage show in St Elizabeth. It was rumoured that Mavado had spoken about Kartel onstage but when the artiste tried to defend himself, Mavado hastily left the stage. This has led to speculation in the industry that Mavado is not entirely willing to clash at Sting despite throwing words at Kartel in November on another popular entertainment programme.

In November on that show, Mavado had said, “Kartel don’t even five per cent near to my level to reach a 100. Mi nuh go nowhere and hear nobody talk about Kartel, Jamaica alone … . When mi step pon people, mi deal wid it different mek dem cry. Yuh see how dem cry ova Champions.”

When THE STAR spoke to sources close to Mavado yesterday they claimed that the singer was ready for the clash with new and exciting material.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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