STOParazzi Says Rihanna Over-exposed From Leaked Photo

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With upcoming Chris Brown court appearance scheduled for Monday, April 6th, the media and fans anxiously await each move by Rihanna and (ex)-boyfriend Chris Brown. Celebrity Rights Advocacy Group STOParazzi ( ) contends the Rihanna photo allegedly leaked by LAPD has over-exposed Rihanna to the detriment of her endorsement value. STOParazzi is backing a bill to outlaw the release of photos or information which exploits victims of crimes. “Rihanna’s Law” has taken on a life of its own. The huge response to STOParazzi’s online petition ( ) and twitter requests by fans to join the STOParazzi protest at the Los Angeles Court, April 6th shows this is an issue people care about,” says President Terry Ahern.


Over-exposure has tarnished Rihanna’s formerly pristine image. Originally portrayed as a victim she is now seen as more of a culprit. “Private matters in connection with a crime investigation need to remain between the individuals involved and the investigative authorities,” says Ahern. With hearsay and speculation running rampant the original perception of Rihanna as victim has been polluted. “Being a victim of a crime is bad enough, but to endure having it played out in the global media is exploitation at its finest! What kind of message are we sending to rape, assault and domestic violence victims?” says Ahern.

To add insult to injury, last week a story broke of artists doing their own rendition of the leaked Rihanna photo. Will Rihanna ever be able to ditch the stigma? Has Chris Brown been assumed guilty until proven innocent? Has his ability to get a fair trial been compromised and could that actually work in his favor? Will the LAPD step up with some results of their 5 week investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable? ST0Parazzi’s movement is taking root and is proving to be a major player in keeping the tabloid media in check. Hollywood celebrities, who are constantly bleating about the invasion of privacy they endure on a daily basis, need to take advantage of this new support from STOParazzi and lend their voice since right now Rihanna fans have been doing all the work.

The nonstop coverage of the Rihanna/Brown case has brought up a number of issues regarding the privacy of alleged victims of domestic violence, including the decision by almost all major news outlets to divulge the identity of the victim — which is not typically done in domestic-violence cases — as well as the wide distribution of the disturbing image of the “Umbrella” singer.

The current laws covering the leaking of such crime photos or videos, posted on the STOParazzi Web site ( ), have no provision for prosecuting outlets that publish those images as long as no one can prove money was exchanged for them.

The proposed law suggests “if a private crime photo is distributed, the receipt of money for that act is irrelevant and does not diminish the detrimental effect such public distribution of private crime photos could have on the victim, the case itself, other victims of similar crimes, etc. Just because the person who leaked it may have done it, for example, because they were disgruntled or vindictive or even, perhaps, to help the defense, and not for money, per se, should not make it legal.”

Brown, 19, has been charged with two felony counts — assault and making criminal threats — in the case and is due back in court on April 6 for his arraignment, at which time he could enter a plea.

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Written by: jahknoradio

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