T-Pain Apologizes To Jay-Z

todaySeptember 30, 2009 2

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T Pain is trying his best to get assimilated back in the rap game after having his image tarnished with his “f**k Jay-Z” alcohol induced rant. As previously reported, the auto-tune aristocrat was offended by Jay Z’s diss to the one thing that’s made him famous, auto-tune. He spoke out against Jay saying:


“ Jay-Z is 59 years-old so I don’t think he has the right to say what’s good and what’s not. I mean if anybody’s dead, it should be him. That’s just me. Now I just want to clarify, if there are any Jay-Z fans in the house, excuse the fuck out of me. But you don’t hear me saying that rap is dead. Even though it is because apparently all the rappers are trying to do T-Pain.”

Now Pain is changing his tune and playing nice. Reeling from the verbal assaults being taken at him since the incident, he’s dropped a song over the beat of Drake’s “Successful” and features a full-fledged apology to the big man from Brooklyn.

The chorus sets the mood for the upcoming apology with Teddy Pain singing:

“I got the money, the money, and the cars, the cars and the clothes, and unless I wanna let it all go, I just gotta be, I just gotta be more careful. “

Things get especially interesting in the third verse when he finally addresses the real reason behind the song:

“Alright, so let’s talk about the Jay shit. Some days I wish that I ain’ t never say shit and Diddy said ain’t no excuse for what I did but I felt like he was knocking the same shit that feeds my kids.

I do music because I need it to make my world spin. So when you down it it’s like you dissing my girlfriend. And Jay one of the only niggas out here bringing it, so I didn’t think he would even entertain the shit. Cuz entertainment is see through but if you really feel like I’m dead, then nigga me too. I ain’t tryin to write your rhymes but you coulda skipped one DJ and all you had to say was, “T-pain, we cool.”

But by all means, don’t take this as a diss or hatin’, I just wanna explain my side of the situation, so if you knew just how much respect that I had, you’d know I’m a real nigga when I say, “My bad.”

Pain also addresses all the people taking shots at his “regular” wife. Right.

Source: HipHopWired

Written by: jahknoradio

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