The Game Dominates Bow Wow in $100K Madden Challenge

todaySeptember 7, 2008

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Compton rapper The Game proved that Bow Wow’s bark was bigger than his bite, by outclassing his Madden rival to a decisive 55-23 victory this past Friday (September 5).

The lighthearted Konsole Kingz sponsored competition began with each man being introduced like professional boxers.

Setting the comical mood, the Game went as far to don a football helmet and gum shield as he made his way to the gaming area.

Bow Wow picked the Cincinnati Bengals, while Game retained the New England Patriots. On random weather selection, the game picked snow conditions.

On the first play, Bow Wow attempted to execute a trick that allows the ball to be snapped to any player on the field.

Aware of such tactics, The Game secured an immediate hit for a fumble and turnover.

On offense, Game promptly scored on the third play of his drive with a play action TD pass.

The Game continued the assault and amassed a 21-0 lead by the end of the first quarter.

Bow Wow’s former mentor Jermaine Dupri attempted to assist in strategy during the second half, but expressed the task was hopeless, since Bow Wow picked a listless Cincinnati Bengals to match up with the powerhouse New England Patriots.

As the drubbing got worse in the third quarter to the tune of 42-7, Bow Wow accused Game of foul play in using an unconfirmed fumble glitch.

“This n*gga knows how to make me fumble!” Bow Wow protested to anyone that would listen. “This n***a cheated! He’s had a million fumbles. He knows how to make me fumble. That’s bulls**t.”

“Yeah, n***a it’s in the book,” Game retorted. “It’s called hitting n***as!”

After the lopsided victory, Game reflected on Bow Wow’s ability as a player on a 10 point scale.

“Negative eight. We gotta find someone smaller for Bow Wow to play, maybe Mini Me. I dropped 55 on him as a tribute to [Patroits player] Willie McGinest,” Game joked. “I heard D-Wade been talking a lot of trash. I’m ready for him and anyone after him.”

As the victor, Game will donate the $100,000 grand prize to the charity of his choice.

Source: AllHipHop

Written by: jahknoradio

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