Vybz and Jigsy war at Bembe?

todayDecember 30, 2007

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An altercation between Vybz Kartel and yet another member of the Bembe squad, selector Jigsy King, last Thursday night, forced Bembe to a premature end.

Half an hour before the scheduled 2 a.m. end of Bembe Thursdays at Weekendz, the party ground to a stop as patrons rushed from the venue.

The event was going well before the altercation, with Jigsy taking the stage after 1 a.m. He played a set littered with Mavado and Kartel songs and made several statements that led to an uproar in the audience. As the selector finished his set, he was seen leaving the stage and heading in the direction where Kartel and his entourage were situated.

THE STAR team later saw Jigsy being hit in the head several times with something that looked like a bottle, after which he immediately left the venue. The majority of the crowd was apparently unaware of the incident as selector Biggy called for the event to end claiming he wanted a peaceful Bembe.

Whappen dj?

Jigsy, yesterday, told the STAR that, “When mi dun play, somebody come call mi an’ seh the DJ (Kartel) waan talk to mi. Mi nuh feel nuh way still, mi jus’ guh. Mi end up go ova deh an’ seh ‘Whappen DJ?’, he said.

The selector said, however, that his chain was pulled from around his neck, he was soaked with liquor and hit several times. “Mi tek up mi pendant ’cause a $45,000 mi chain cost,” he said.

During his set on stage Jigsy had ‘bigged’ up Kartel, Mavado, Bounty Killer and the Alliance before stating “yuh (Bounty Killer) love fi see when ghetto yutes rich, but yuh don’t like when dem switch an’ tun …ch.”

According to Jigsy his comments on the microphone were not directed specifically at anyone.

“Mi bun out tight pants bwoy already, mi bun out bleach out face bwoy already, mi bun out man weh put Chinese language tattoo pon dem neck an’ nuh know de meaning a it. Dat is my slogan. Mi a bun out dem thing deh from long time, so if Kartel feel offended by it, so be it.” Jigsy said.

Deejay Vybz Kartel recounts a different story from Jigsy. “I was at Bembe chilling out when someone told me Jigsy waan seh ‘hi’ to me, but I wasn’t in a good mood. He came over to me and, during a verbal exchange, an incident occurred where I was told he was hit in the head wid a bottle, I neva see what happen. I left immediately after dat.”

According to Kartel he did not hit Jigsy, nor was he insulted by his comments. “Jigsy, nuh man pants tighter than yours.” Kartel questioned.

The deejay said that the selectors at Bembe are biased and are trying to ‘play’ Mavado against him. “Dem a try play mi ‘gainst the singer, and di singer against me. I don’t know why. Mus’ for dem own ulterior motives that is hidden,” he said. Kartel emphasised that he and Mavado have no disputes and that the two had linked up early yesterday morning.


Last week it was reported that Mavado and Kartel were at Bembe talking, when their entourages became involved in an altercation.

There have also been reported cases of incidents between Vybz Kartel and other members of the Bembe Squad. Selectors Richie Feelings, Rolexx and Biggy have also been reportedly assaulted.

Kartel, however, told The STAR that he has never laid a hand on a Bembe selector. He told the STAR, “Bembe selectors play bias, no time I lay a finger on dem. Is fanatics of Vybz Kartel who do it, ’cause they feel di bias which is thick as kitchen knife. Everyone wants their 15 minutes from Vybz Kartel cause I will still be there.”

However, Jigsy claimed “Whether is him or his entourage, is still him. Mi jus’ lef him to God, because badda man deh a road dan Kartel. Kartel nuh bad. Mi dun wid him. Yuh caan hear mi play a Kartel song again. Mi stop play dem, whether mi a play a Bembe or ’round town. Him a tek it too far.”

Jigsy says he has not and does not intend to report the matter to the police and is taking care of himself at home. Vybz Kartel in the meantime says he has no intention to return to Bembe.

Written by: jahknoradio

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