Vybz Kartel was released from the Horizon Remand Centre

todaySeptember 14, 2008

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Popular deejay Vybz Kartel was released from the Horizon Remand Centre on Friday (September 12) after being in custody since Wednesday.

The deejay, whose real name is Adidjah Palmer, was released some time after 5:30 p.m. at 14 Kirk Avenue in Havendale, St Andrew, the same place he was picked up by police on Wednesday. Police also raided the artiste’s home on Hacienda Way in Norbrook, St Andrew. Eight other persons, including DJ Karim and a policeman who is reportedly on suspension and acting as the deejay’s bodyguard, were detained with the deejay. They were also released.

bullet riddled body

In an interview with THE STAR shortly after being released, Kartel confirmed that the police had questioned him in connection with the death of Christopher ‘Nunu Puss’ Miller, whose bullet-riddled body was found on August 31 on Goshen Road in Bernard Lodge, St Catherine.

After the deejay’s arrest, the police were tight-lipped as to why he was taken into custody.

Similarly, Kartel said he was not briefed by the police as to the reason for his being detained until yesterday, when he was questioned by two detectives who he claimed afterwards declared that he should be set free. He said his hands were swabbed while he was in custody.

“Di day afta dem hold me, mi lawyer tell mi seh dem hold me on suspicion of murder. Di police demself neva tell me dat. As dem start question mi, dem si seh dis is a case dat is going nowhere,” Kartel said.

Since Miller’s death, rumours began to circulate that Kartel was somehow involved.

This, Kartel says, is just a rumour and attributed it to persons he says, who just want to paint a bad picture of him.

does not know ‘Nunu Puss’

According to him, he has a very good relationship with the residents of west Kingston and supports them in anyway he can.

Furthermore, he does not know ‘Nunu Puss’, he said.

“I don’t even know dat man. Di police acting on intelligence should a know dat to,” Kartel told THE STAR before adding that his involvement in such an incident would jeopardise his safety.

“Mi laugh at it when mi first hear cause Vybz Kartel, an entertainer weh ago stand up pon a stage a go do dat?” he questioned.

In explaining why the allegations are mere rumours, Kartel continued: “Mi mek some links and di man dem a seh nuttin like that. Me an nobody from that area nuh inna nuh vibes, me and di people have a good relationship. A jus somebody weh have something against Vybz Kartel a try a ting. Mi hear seh man all box mi and man come look fi mi. Nuttin like dat. People all a pose like man from west Kingston and a call all mi madda phone,” he revealed.

For this reason, Kartel says, he is not afraid.

“No man. Fraid a wha? A jus some people a try mek it look like Kartel a di evilest man inna di world,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kartel says as a result of the incident, he now doubts the ‘system’ and plans to build a conscious tune to depict his feelings.

“Mi naw lie still, none a di officer dem neva abuse wi in anyway, shape or form but a now mi know seh nuff yute deh a jail innocent. If dem a go deal wid Vybz Kartel suh who have two lawyer, imagine how dem would a deal wid a ghetto yute. Dem would kick him and box him and hold him fi all 40 months. Mi plan fi build a conscious tune, mi a go style a song but it a go different. A nuh nuttin like When Shotta Go a Jail. Mi naw glorify nuttin, mi jus a go talk it how it go.”

Kartel is known for songs such as Money Fi Spen, Tek and Wine Pon You.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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