War again? Mavado, Kartel feud intensifies

todayOctober 31, 2008

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A war of words has been brewing over the past few weeks between singjay Mavado and deejay Vybz Kartel.

In 2007, after intense lyrical feuding and spurts of physical violence believed to be linked to the lyrical war between the deejays, a press conference was held under the guidance of DCP Mark Shields and other stakeholders where the issues between the artistes were seemingly resolved.

Now, the two artistes seem to be back where they started, recording songs which ‘diss’ each other and members of their camps. This war of words was done on three different rhythms and singles, and onstage at the recently held Champions in Action in Portmore.

Despite the crossing of lyrical swords, when THE STAR spoke to Mavado, he denied being in a feud of any kind. He said: “Mi nuh inna no tracing thing wid nobody. A dem a do it. Mi nuh have time fi look pon people weh nuh have no life.”

He continued: “Mi naah go entertain nobody weh a seh dem want a lyrical war and a talk ’bout madda and dem thing deh. Dat pass the musical level. Mi nah deal wid no devil.”

Yet, on the Self Defense rhythm, Mavado accuses Kartel and members of his camp of homosexual behaviour in the song Dem A F… He sings: “Di boy dem a —- well bleach out and full a tattoo like trad… a him nuh waan know God and God nuh waan know him, righteous way inna life him mumma neva show him.”

Kartel also counteracts on the same rhythm with the song, Wha Dat Fah deejaying: “A wha do di girly Gadd, to how mi b———- bad, mi nuh mus kno God… boy a yuh a tell man yuh name Gully Gadd go —— wha dat fah?…yuh bleaching argument stale out…barber boy mi a go all out…yuh just bad inna yuh song.”

On the Silent River rhythm the words fly yet again in Mavado’s Dem A Pree. He sings: “a b—- ting dem a pree, dem live cross di water and dem caan go a sea… dem boy dem a nuh gangsta fi we.”

Kartel counteracts on the same rhythm. “…a bare fish inna di sea, so mi nah go… nuh bring nuh —— argument to me, boy gangsta nah go swim inna sea wid, wid di fish inna di gully gully, mi nuh waan be nuh Gully Gadd…”

The latest rhythm ‘Beauty and the Beast’ takes the argument even further, as evident in Mavado’s Gangsta Nuh Play. He sings: “A how yuh mus war mi a day when yuh fraid a di sun… from di war is on mi haffi win it… true dem love to talk mi realise some boy a lion widdout courage… I’m di craziest ——- inna dis game… war dats my ——— subject.”

Kartel doesn’t rest either in Kill Dem All And Done as he says, “…when mi a war, rememba seh nowhere deh ya far…dem a gwaan like dem a gangsta mi waan know which God a dem sponsah.”

More recently Kartel has gone on to insult the entire Alliance on a new song entitled Seh What Yuh Feel Fi Seh. Kartel targets persons such as Flex, Busy Signal, Mavado, Bounty Killer and the Alliance’s management team of Julian Jones-Griffith and Sharon Burke. He ends the song with a daring invitation saying: “Say what yu feel fi say.”

Mavado has officially finished his sophomore album Mr Brooks, which will be launched in Jamaica and the United States shortly.

Efforts to speak with Vybz Kartel was futile up to press time as his phone was off. Members of his camp also told THE STAR that they didn’t think Kartel would want to speak on the matter.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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